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Aldon releases Aldon Affiniti 4.0

Aldon releases Aldon Affiniti 4.0


Aldon announces the release of Aldon Affiniti Version 4.0, an enterprise-class software configuration management (SCM) system. Affiniti 4.0's new features further simplify the work of enterprise development and operations teams managing software across any number of platforms or locations. These enhancements include an intuitive interface to provide a single point of control of all application systems and components, the ability to perform product functions natively from within IBM WebSphere Development Studio Client (WDSc), and automated compare and merge features for instant resolution of parallel development issues.

A summary of Affiniti 4.0 enhancements includes:

Single Point of Observation and Control for All Systems and Components -- Affiniti 4.0's "Windows Explorer-like" navigation tree is familiar to new users and makes finding components easy. Not only can users browse directories for files, they can also browse user-defined logical trees like task lists, component hierarchies or application releases. The views of the objects in development and operations are customizable, allowing each user to view the tree in a way that is meaningful to them, regardless of where the components might be stored or what platform they might target. Components can be loaded into the Affiniti repository from any platform, including UNIX, Windows, Linux, Mainframe, and iSeries. Affiniti 4.0 is the only SCM solution that allows the complete code repository of iSeries and non-iSeries code to reside natively on an iSeries in a native partition. In addition, with "shadow environments", development teams can store and access components across single or multiple remote machines, allowing development to occur on any platform. UNIX users can see the components on their machine, Windows users on their machines, etc. Meanwhile all the components continue to be managed, backed up and secured centrally. Also, Version 4.0 extends Affiniti's promotion automation to the distribution process. On a day-to-day basis, users simply need to know what they want to promote. Affiniti 4.0 knows which components need to go to which machines, where those components need to be installed and how to install them.

Native Access to SCM Feature from WDSc -- Deepening its support for WebSphere, Affiniti 4.0 offers a free WDSc plug-in that is designed to allow needed SCM functions to take place directly within WDSc, avoiding the hassle of ever leaving WDSc. Affiniti 4.0 works as an Eclipse 'team repository,' meaning Affiniti SCM functions can be accessed through any tool that plugs into WDSc and supports the standard WDSc Team functions. Developers, for example, can simply right click on any component (associated with Windows, iSeries, UNIX, etc.) and select the desired menu function. To simplify and automate most of the SCM process, Affiniti 4.0 handles complex operations such as security, multiple user coordination and versioning behind the scenes. As each function is performed, Affiniti 4.0 automatically performs the necessary underlying actions.

Automated Compare and Merge for Parallel Development -- Affiniti 4.0's compare and merge functions make it easy to resolve differences between components that result from parallel development. By displaying a three-pane window with the changed versions aligned side-by-side and the merged result displayed below, users immediately see the differences and can easily modify the merged version. Multiple programmers can simultaneously work with different copies, knowing that there is an efficient method for merging changes.

"Affiniti 4.0 demonstrates our commitment to simplifying any level of complexity that exists for development teams needing to support diverse application development environments," said Daniel Magid, president of Aldon Computer Group. "We directly address the developer's desire to operate natively from his or her current tools, while continuing to automate overall change management operations. When using the Affiniti navigation interface, anyone can instantly view and manage – from a single location – the processes, systems, and components that make up their development environment."

About Aldon Computer Group
Aldon Computer Group is the leading software provider of e-business development management solutions designed for enterprise development teams to get more applications into production quickly while increasing the responsiveness to end-users. Aldon Affiniti Suite manages the entire e-business development lifecycle across all platforms with tightly integrated products that seamlessly span Windows, Unix, Linux, iSeries and Web environments. More than 5,000 companies rely on Aldon's time-tested development expertise and award-winning solutions to rapidly build, deploy, maintain and support their mission-critical software. Aldon customers include nine of the top ten Fortune 100 firms. Established in 1979, Aldon operates globally and is headquartered in Emeryville, Calif. More information can be found at

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