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DRV Technologies releases SpoolFlex 2.0

DRV Technologies releases SpoolFlex 2.0


DRV Technologies, a leader in Spool Management and Delivery solutions for the iSeries enterprise, announces the immediate availability of SpoolFlex Version 2.0. This new release dramatically simplifies the management, conversion to E-Formats and distribution of reports.

SpoolFlex V2 allows for the easy conversion of reports to PDF, HTML or CSV (Excel) and delivery by E-Mail or posting to available Servers without programmer intervention, and completely transforms the process of printing and delivering reports using 21st century methods to streamline report distribution and eliminate expensive printing and manual delivery.

The new 2.0 release makes SpoolFlex core components even more user-friendly while providing powerful tools for quicker implementation of electronic report distribution. Changes to SpoolFlex's central technologies include:

Spool Manager
This advanced, iSeries-based tool allows anyone to convert their reports to PDF, HTML, CSV (Excel) and E-Mail using a single simple to use menu option. New features include:

* Greater Control over report management
Gives control of report management, conversion and delivery to the users.

* Execute any SpoolFlex tool from a single screen
With the look and feel of IBM's Work Spooled File (WRKSPLF) and Work Output Queue (WRKOUTQ) SpoolFlex's Manage Spooled files gives the user the same IBM options as well as the addition of sorting, splitting, converting to E-Format and E-Mailing all from a single screen with little or no training required.

Report Conversion to CSV (Excel)
This enhanced feature allows the automated conversion of reports to Excel without mapping fields. With the advanced options you can specify which data is converted to the spreadsheet, such as Report Headings, Column Heading and Blank lines. Combined with the ability to exclude specific characters or character strings, this ensures the resulting spreadsheet will not require modifications and adjusting before use.

Variable Data for Dynamic naming of documents
Allows greater flexibility in naming E-Format files by combining variable fields in the dynamic name building process. Variable fields available for naming include Printer File Name, Job Number, Spool Number, User Id, Date, Time, Sequential Number (eliminate duplicates) ensuring the flexibility of naming e-format files that best fits your needs.

Bringing It All Together
Combined into a single, integrated solution, SpoolFlex offers iSeries and AS/400 customers the power to manage and distribute reports without user intervention, greatly reducing, if not eliminating the time and expense wasted manually report sorting, splitting, delivering and storing reports.

In addition, SpoolFlex integrates with all major application vendors such as J.D. Edwards, MAPICS, SSA Global Technologies (BPCS and PRMS) as well as electronic form applications such as EZeDocs, EZPrint, Formtastic and FormsPrint.

Pricing for DRV Technologies spool management solution is modularized for your specific needs so you only pay for what you need. For detailed specifications, tools and features email

About DRV Technologies Inc.
DRV Technologies, an IBM Business Partner provides Spool Management solutions for the iSeries enterprise. DRV Technologies' solutions are installed around the globe in a variety of vertical markets such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, distribution and financial service industries. DRV Technologies is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, with direct sales and reseller networks in North, Central and South America, as well as Europe. For more information, please visit, call toll free 866-378-3366 or e-mail

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