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September 2003: Month in Review

September means the end of summer and time to get serious about work. That's exactly what did, cranking out news stories, technical tips and special features.

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September means the end of summer and time to get serious about work. That's exactly what did, cranking out news stories, technical tips and special features.

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IBM delivers HA, capacity backup servers

IBM sings praise for mixed workloads but some iSeries users appear tone deaf

No TV ads for iSeries

Q&A: IBM's Zollar defends iSeries marketing, modernization

Trying to move to Java? Just follow the Big Blue brick road

Companies announce products, enhancements at COMMON

IBM eyes SMB prize

IBM expands virtual hosting service to iSeries

Data Center Directions

Whither the iSeries in tomorrow's data centers?

Data centers to hike iSeries skill requirements

Job skills: What does the future hold for iSeries pros?

Sound off: Users fear iSeries will become extinct

IT Insights column

Time to give the iSeries its spot in the limelight (Aug. 8, 2003)

Can IBM really do SMB? (Aug. 25, 2003)

Programmer tips

Trigger handles shortcomings of FTP on the iSeries (Sept. 4, 2003)

PTF display utility (Sept. 8, 2003)

Spooky update statements and %NULLIND() (Sept. 10, 2003)

Keeping spool files open (Sept. 10, 2003)

Take control of your job logs (Sept. 10, 2003)

View the description of an active user (Sept. 18, 2003)

Using RPG IV: Where does the 01-01-0001 default date come from? (Sept. 24, 2003)

Output a spool file to multiple printers (Sept. 25, 2003)

Batch FTP timesaver (Sept. 25, 2003)

Convert a date from MMDDYY to YYMMDD -- revisited (Sept. 25, 2003)

Administrator tips

How to use RPG's IMPORT and EXPORT keywords to share data across modules (Sept. 3, 2003)

InfoPrint Server & Designer enhancements explained (Sept. 4, 2003)

Tips for using Remote Journal (Sept. 11, 2003)

Three basic system tools to help you tune your iSeries (Sept. 17, 2003)

Security tips

Automate disaster recovery restores (Sept. 9, 2003)

WebSphere Strategies

Apache HTTP Server drives Web sites everywhere (Sept. 4, 2003)

Featured topics

Top 10 iSeries security tips

Best iSeries Web sites

News from COMMON

Future of the iSeries

Book excerpts

Subfiles in RPG IV: Rules, Examples, Techniques, and Other Cool Stuff -- Chapter 7

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