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Tango/04 launches VISUAL Control for Windows 8.0

Tango/04 launches VISUAL Control for Windows 8.0


Tango/04 Computing Group, a leader in iSeries monitoring and performance solutions, announced the launch of its award-winning VISUAL Control for Windows 8.0, a significant release of its true-real-time performance agent for OS/400.

This version is a breakthrough in iSeries technology, and represents the most powerful real time performance package for the iSeries and AS/400 users. It can collect more than 2,000 different performance metrics that can be shown in customizable graphs, both through a Windows or Web-based interface. It fully supports logical partitioning (LPAR) and On Demand resource movement, while protecting service levels through automated policies, alerts and customized rules.

Today workloads are critical, complex, and less predictable than ever, and enterprises rely more and more in their IT systems. Inadequate performance may result in severe monetary losses, yet IT budgets are still tight. The new VISUAL Control for Windows makes it easy for IT staff to understand resource usage, trends, and peaks; identify abusive users and tasks in one or multiple systems; effectively allowing a better resource distribution. It is even able to recommend actions to solve a problem, and can execute commands proactively to improve performance. When manual intervention is required, VISUAL Control for Windows guarantees instant notification of potential performance deviations, via two-way SMS, pager, e-mail, 24/7 and more.

"Performance, response times, and service levels are extremely important these days," said Raul Cristian Aguirre, Tango/04 Computing Group's CEO. "Unfortunately, applications and infrastructures are more complex, workloads grow, and the iSeries is integrated with Client/Server, SCM, CRM, BI, and web initiatives, which makes things complex. Companies need a tool that conveys an easy to understand, simple vision of what is happening within the system. Are my service levels adequate? Why is the response so slow right now? Where are the bottlenecks? What can I do to improve performance? VISUAL Control for Windows can answer these questions immediately, helping enterprises control their critical applications and extract more value out of them".

Among the most important features of the new VISUAL Control for Windows:

* New retrieval engine: fastest performance retrieval on the market, with near zero CPU consumption (using proprietary Tango/04 technology).

* New User-definable Multi system / Multi partition Graphs: users can see the status of multiple LPARs at once, in real time.

* Automated Creation of Web-based Performance Portals: custom web pages showing service levels and any of 2000+ performance metrics can be created and customized with no programming skills. End users can access up-to-the-minute exhaustive information over the Intranet or the Internet, using a browser or a handheld device.

* New Performance Metrics: VISUAL Control for Windows 8.0 collects more than 2,000 different metrics, some of them exclusive. Among the new metrics are the Interactive CPU percentage used, interactive CPU percentage free, memory per active thread, CPU usage per active thread, current assigned CPW per partition, average page faulting per active thread, information about jobs with poorest and best response time, and much more.

* Full LPAR Support: new LPAR metrics, including partition type, assigned processor units, interactive capacity, CPU usage (interactive and total), and more can be retrieved in real time. A new panel showing LPAR information has been added, as pre-defined multi partition graphs.

* New Rapid Investigator: enhanced ability to discover and understand peaks, bottlenecks and trends with the new Rapid Investigator feature, which helps operators spot problem areas rapidly by using an automated Record now-Replay later schema. Historical performance graphs can also be created, with full drill-down support.

* Enhanced real-time alerts: ability to set different thresholds for each system or partition, including custom event escalation, duplicate suppression, and wireless support.

* New Dynamic LPAR Tuning Support: "On Demand" distribution of resources among LPARs is supported.

* Improved Ease of Use: it comes with a new pre-defined set of intuitive gauges and alerts so the learning curve is minimal, even for users with no performance expertise. Detailed explanation of alerts, including technical impact and proposed solutions is also available.

* Improved Open Architecture: VISUAL Control for Windows supports the creation of custom monitors and graphs on user-defined data, coming either from the iSeries or the PC.

* New graphical engine: ability to create 2D, 3D, OpenGL, perspective, and dozens of different chart types, with visual threshold indication. Custom graphs can be resized, tiled, and hidden as desired. Chart titles can be resized with a single click.

* Interface with VISUAL Control LPAR Tuner: Tango/04's LPAR resource optimizer can be started, ended and monitored from VISUAL Control for Windows 8.0. Alerts can be received when it is not active, and real time graphs show how LPAR Tuner is optimizing partitions.

* Better Integration: easier integration with VISUAL Message Center, IBM Tivoli and other third-party enterprise consoles through SNMP, WMI and other industry standards.

"This is a very significant release for us", says Aguirre, "we are committed to create the finest tools for companies of any size to ensure –and prove they are achieving - their Service Level Agreements, by taking corrective action before business is affected. VISUAL Control for Windows is paramount on our VISUAL Control Center product line, which now sports a Job and LPAR tuner, a memory optimizer, a capacity planning tool, a rapid problem resolution product and outstanding real time performance monitor, with Web and WAP support. No other company offers that much functionality on the iSeries today!"

Customers of VISUAL Control for Windows include Coca-Cola, EDS, IBM, Avon, Toyota, 3M, NestlÉ, Gillette, Tupperware, Ford, Sara Lee, Bayer, Yamaha and Johnson & Johnson. It can be installed locally or remotely in minutes, and supports OS/400 from V3R7 to V5R2.

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About Tango/04 Computing Group
Tango/04 Computing Group (Barcelona, Spain, with offices in USA, France, Switzerland, Argentina, and Chile) is an IBM Business Partner and a founding member of IBM Project Eliza (now Autonomic Computing) for self-managing systems. It has received the All Star Partner World for Developers Award for five years in a row. Founded in 1991, Tango/04 provides solutions to the iSeries and Windows server markets and has thousands of customers in over 60 countries, including BMW, Cardinal Health, Chase Manhattan, Coca Cola, Credit Suisse, Johnson & Johnson, NestlÉ, Toys 'R' Us, Viking Direct, and many more. Tango/04 Computing Group is the developer of many popular iSeries and Windows products, such as VISUAL Message Center, VISUAL Control Center, VISUAL Debugger for Windows, and VISUAL Support Pro.

For more information, visit or contact Tango/04 directly.

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