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Original Software announces Self-Healing Script technology

Original Software announces Self-Healing Script technology


Original Software, creator of testing solutions for the IBM iSeries, has announced another major technological breakthrough in the software testing arena – Self-Healing Script (SHS) technology. This new technology means that, for the first time, existing AS/400 'green-screen' scripts can be run over new versions of applications without the need for tedious and time-consuming maintenance.

Script updating has traditionally been the bane of the software tester's life. Updates of applications occur with increasing frequency, and scripts that have often been painstakingly created quickly become obsolete as the application grows and develops. This leads to much script reworking and maintenance – a time-consuming activity, which, in itself, is completely unproductive.

But the latest version of Original Software's world-leading test suite, TestBench for iSeries, includes an "intelligent" screen matching algorithm, called PowerPLAY, that simulates how a real user would cope with changes. When an existing script is played back over a new version of an application, PowerPLAY will automatically identify and highlight where changes have taken place in any of the screens and, where possible, compensate for them without interrupting the script run. Wherever screen elements have moved or changed, screen input information such as keystrokes, tracked fields and variable data is automatically mapped to the new locations, enabling the dynamically adapted process to continue.

SHS technology can also be used to validate a script. In this mode, the script is automatically updated with changes to the application as PowerPLAY finds them – even adding or removing entire screens where applicable. This makes an enormous difference to the amount of time it takes to maintain and update existing scripts.

Says Colin Armitage, CEO of Original Software: 'Script maintenance is recognized as one of the biggest issues in software testing generally. It is the most common reason people give for either not investing in or not using an automated testing solution. We are proud to be the first to offer a comprehensive solution to this problem. SHS technology means that scripts can now grow and develop automatically with applications, with all the pain of script maintenance removed. It is a development that has the potential to be revolutionary to software testing.'

SHS technology is available immediately in version 3.2 of TestBench for iSeries. It will shortly be available in Original Software's platform-generic testing solutions TestGUI and TestWEB.

About Original Software
Headquartered in the United Kingdom, The Original Software Group was founded in 1997 to develop, market and support a range of productivity solutions, initially for the IBM iSeries (AS/400) platform and latterly for SQL Server and Oracle. The company sells direct worldwide and has North American headquarters based in Chicago, IL. It has also forged a number of distribution agreements in Europe and North America. Burberry, DHL, HMV, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, Nike and Sony are among the companies to benefit from Original Software's approach to iSeries software testing. Original Software is an IBM Developer Business Partner. Test us out now at .

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