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New ExpressDesk offers Web-based customer self-service

New ExpressDesk offers Web-based customer self-service


SoftLanding Systems, a leading provider of Software Management solutions for iSeries and multi-platform development, announced the availability of ExpressDesk, a new enterprise-level IT issue tracking solution that combines Web-based customer self-service with a full-service helpdesk for efficient, corporate-wide IT service management. An extension of TurnOver Change Management, ExpressDesk helps businesses provide faster IT customer service, meet service level agreements, and improve issue tracking without increasing staff.

ExpressDesk provides a professional customer self-service Web presence right out of the box, or it can be easily plugged into a corporate Website or Intranet template for a fully customized look. It helps eliminate tech support queues by letting end users search its built-in Q&A knowledge tree for answers to their technology questions, enter unresolved issues or requests, and then update and track those requests online. When a new request is entered, ExpressDesk generates a helpdesk task with all request details – including links to any documents, URLs or other attachments the end user provided – and emails the task to the IT helpdesk staff.

Upon receipt of a customer request, IT support personnel use a graphical helpdesk to search the Q&A knowledge tree for an answer, if necessary; document the resolution within the task; and mark the task closed. ExpressDesk automatically messages the end user with the resolution and task history. If the helpdesk resource cannot answer the question, or if the resolution may involve software changes, the task can be forwarded to other resources for follow-up. At every step throughout the entire process, ExpressDesk's automatic messaging keeps all appropriate parties informed while its change tracking maintains a complete audit trail. Flexible escalation queues help IT keep response times within corporate standards and service level agreements. Automated time tracking documents billable hours and helps management pinpoint problem areas with software applications or training levels.

Integration with change management
As the optional front end to the TurnOver Change Management solution, ExpressDesk supports IT workflow even when an issue requires a software change. Because ExpressDesk and TurnOver share the same iSeries database, issues flow without interruption through your established software change process, from initial documentation right through to deployment of the change, without losing information. Project managers easily copy helpdesk tasks into development tasks, which remain permanently linked; add additional information if necessary; and then assign the task to the appropriate developer. Once the work is completed, the fully documented development task follows the testing and approval processes through to deployment. When the change task is complete, TurnOver messages everyone involved, including the original requestor, to completely close the loop.

Customizable functionality
ExpressDesk can be customized to a wide variety of needs. It features adaptable task templates and user-defined database fields with validation table lookup to guide end users and helpdesk staff in capturing all relevant information needed up front; customizable messaging and escalation queues; and flexible User Interface Groups that allow IT administrators to control access to ExpressDesk functions and knowledge trees based on user type.

Availability and more information
ExpressDesk is currently available. It requires OS400 V5R1 or higher, TurnOver 5.3 or higher, and a Java application server. Pricing starts at $7,500.

Two online demo sites – one representing ExpressDesk out of the box and the other showing how it can be customized both in terms of looks and functionality -- can be explored at . For more information, including a worldwide list of distributors, visit or, or call SoftLanding Systems at 800-545-9485 (+1-603-924-8818 outside the U.S.) or SoftLanding Europe at +44(0)1442 293100.

About SoftLanding Systems
SoftLanding Systems, a leading provider of Software Management solutions for iSeries and multi-platform development, specializes in solutions that streamline the entire software development process, resulting in enhanced productivity, higher quality software, and improved application availability. SoftLanding's strength is in creating the ideal Software Management solution for any software environment, regardless of complexity, by drawing on expertise and tools in the following areas: software change management, database change management, application testing, multiplatform deployment, rapid problem resolution, and security.

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