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Vision Solutions announces ORION

Vision Solutions announces ORION


Vision Solutions, a leading managed availability solutions provider announced the worldwide release of ORION, its highly anticipated multi-platform managed availability software solution. ORION is the industry's first true multi-platform information availability solution supporting data replication through server and application fail-over for IBM iSeries, Microsoft Windows 2000 and the Linux Redhat and SuSE operating systems, as well as data integration to and from various disparate databases, including Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, DB2/400 and UDB, all from a common interface.

According to Dan Kusnetzky, vice president of IDC's System Software Division and author of the IDC Worldwide Clustering and Availability Software Forecast 2002-2006, "Organizations have demonstrated a need to centralize management of interdependent application environments which exist across disparate servers to lower the overall cost of system administration, product updates, and data backup and recovery. Doing so increases complexity and risk driving the need for careful management of the environments to insure consistent, predictable user access. Kusnetzky continues, "we believe vendors that have strong cross-platform offerings, like Vision Solutions' ORION, are likely to be the leaders throughout the period."

ORION is built using engine-based component architecture enabling a high degree of scalability and adaptability in user environments. This leading edge architecture enables ORION to support solutions from entry markets through the enterprise across multiple topologies including switched disk, discreet data replication, server mirroring, clustering and, in the near future, hyper-clustering – the management of clusters of clusters.

"We continue to see increasing rates of application and server consolidation not only of the traditional iSeries application environment but of the interdependent applications on other platforms surrounding or running on the iSeries," said Al Zollar, General Manager, IBM eServer iSeries. "The challenge in these environments, and the real value to the customer, is the integration of the management functions, data access and availability across this the enterprise. Today, ORION is the first and only HA solution that supports all the iSeries operating system environments including OS/400, Linux, and Windows and switched disk; delivering solid functionality and extending the iSeries value proposition into new markets and opportunities for IBM and its worldwide partner community."

Over the past several years, the company has invested significantly in ORION's Java/XML component based architecture enabling a completely modular and highly scalable solution set. The result is that enterprises of any size can build a managed availability solution to meet the specific needs of today and seamlessly scale-up to meet the requirements of the future without ever changing the interface. This model allows businesses to reduce their operating costs in terms of training, administration management costs, and vendor support. This can translate into significant financial savings for businesses and very high ROI.

"Our customers have expressed the need for a scalable, multiplatform solution to keep up with IT consolidation, advancing technology complexity and increased availability demands while simplifying the management and operation of the solution to meet cost of ownership models and ROI targets. Vision is pleased to announce ORION as that solution," said Nicolaas Vlok, Chief Executive Officer for Vision Solutions.

"We're excited about ORION and we have been very impressed with the results of our testing," said Rob Kosier, Executive Director of Information Technology for Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. "We feel this innovative software will be an important tool to incorporate into our disaster recovery plans, especially as it involves the larger enterprise of iSeries and Windows"

ORION is the first multi-platform based software solution that enables users to predictably manage the functional availability of servers, data and applications across an enterprise, regardless of platform. ORION supports the OS/400, Windows and Linux platforms and DB2/400, UDB, Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server databases. Its functions include data integration across disparate databases as well as managed application and server availability within both homogeneous and heterogeneous environments including multi-system coordinated fail-over and recovery all from a common interface.

About Vision Solutions
Vision Solutions is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., and provides solutions for assuring the availability of a company's mission-critical applications and data. With more than 1,850 customers and 10,000 licenses in 70 countries, the company is a leading managed availability vendor for the IBM eServer iSeries (AS/400). Through its worldwide network of channel partners, the company supports virtually every industry with its world-class solutions, Visualize, Vision Suite, ORION and Symbiator. Vision Solutions is an IBM Premier Business Partner and an IBM High Availability Business Partner. Vision Solutions is a member of the publicly traded IDION group of companies (JSE: IDI). For more information on Vision Solutions, please visit the company's Web site at

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