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New ASNA product imports iSeries source into Visual RPG for .NET

New ASNA product imports iSeries source into Visual RPG for .NET


ASNA announces the September release of Importa, an iSeries-AS/400 RPG source code import facility for ASNA Visual RPG for .NET (AVR for .NET). The resulting code can be compiled by AVR for .NET to generate .NET intermediate language assemblies. Importa integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and can be accessed directly within your AVR for .NET projects. Optionally, you can configure Importa to simply be a stand-alone utility not integrated with Visual Studio. With either installation option, Importa imports RPG code into text files on your PC that you can then include in AVR for .NET projects.

Not only was Importa written specifically for use with ASNA's AVR for .NET, Importa is the first commercially- available application written in AVR for .NET. Importa is a 100% native MS Intermediate Language assembly that runs under the Microsoft .NET framework.

"Importa will greatly aid us in porting business logic from AS/400 RPG applications into AVR for .NET applications," says Brian Bunney, director of the .NET division at Packaged Business Solutions, Inc. "For applications where the business logic is still valid, Importa virtually eliminates the need to manually convert and re-create the business logic within AVR for .NET. This is a very important tool to us as it will greatly reduce the amount of time to get an iSeries- AS/400 RPG application up and running in AVR for .NET."

Says ASNA President Anne Ferguson, "Importa is just the first of many .NET-based products we're going to release for use with AVR for .NET. With AVR for .NET, and its accompanying tools, ASNA provides the premier application development workbench for iSeries-AS/400 programmers. With the ASNA suite of application development powertools for .NET, the RPG that's had all your business rules and logic locked up inside for so long, can now live a renewed, long life as a modern, object-oriented AVR for .NET solution!"

About ASNA
ASNA (Amalgamated Software of North America, Inc.) has been developing visual programming and systems software for the midrange community since 1982. ASNA Web and Windows development products include ASNA Visual RPG for .NET, DataGate and the ASNA DataGate Component Suite. ASNA is an IBM Tools Network Partner, an Advanced Tier Member of IBM's PartnerWorld for Developers, a Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner and a Managed Microsoft Certified Partner. Business applications developed with ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) and DataGate are in use by over 350,000 client-server end users, and in hundreds of commercial Web sites. Based in San Antonio, Texas, ASNA also has offices in Europe (Guildford, UK) and 30 international distributors. Visit the ASNA Web site at

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