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Companies announce products, enhancements at COMMON

Several companies used COMMON as the backdrop for their product announcements -- including a slew of enhancements to their currently available lineups.

BCD offers free license of Nexus Portal to first 1,000 iSeries shops
Business Computer Design International Inc. announced that it is offering a free paid up license of its Nexus Portal to the first 1,000 shops. It is also free to all business partners, consultants, ISVs and their customers.

Nexus is a comprehensive and complete browser-based portal product for iSeries-AS/400 systems that enables organizations to control user access to specific iSeries Web programs and applications at the user and group levels. It runs on the OS/400 HTTP Server or the HTTP server (Powered by Apache) with a minimum of V4R5.

Nexus licenses normally cost $12,000 to $21,000 for multipartition use. Those ordering during this promotion pay only the annual maintenance fee of $2,195 (or $3,795 for multipartition use). BCD maintenance includes unlimited support, all product updates, all new wadgets/portlets added by BCD, all major product enhancements and new documentation.

For more information and to download a 30-day evaluation copy, visit

Midrange Performance Group announces general availability of Performance Navigator Version 9
Midrange Performance Group announced Sept. 7 the general availability of Performance Navigator Version 9. Jim Young, vice president of sales, said many of the enhancements in Version 9 are designed to support the new on-demand environment.

While still supporting older technologies (all models and OS/400 back to V3R2) Version 9 includes many of the new features supported by the new hardware and by OS/400 V5R2.

Version 9 allows users to track the dynamic movement of resources and the impact on performance. Another important enhancement is the ability to graph the combined CPU usage for all LPARs. These graphs will aid users in setting scheduled resource movements along with minimums and maximums. Version 9 also takes advantage of new performance data collected in V5R2.

For more information, visit

Minicron Software Systems announces new RPG-to-Java translation tool
Mincron Corp. announced on Sept. 8 immediate availability of the Mincron JENASYS Translation Suite. JENASYS Translation Suite allows companies to Web-enable mission-critical iSeries RPG legacy applications by translating them to cross-platform Enterprise Java. Applications translated to Java can run on Windows Server 2003, Unix, Linux, and under OS/400.

Minicron officials said that unlike screen scrapers and presentation managers that function as a thin layer of Windows enablement, JENASYS enables the translation of legacy RPG into fully compliant cross-platform Java code. That allows companies to move their valuable business logic forward with modern software tools and hardware platforms, with the added flexibility of running the applications on any Web browser.

For more information, go to

BCD enhances file editor File-Flash Plus
On Sept. 8, Business Computer Design International Inc. (BCD) announced it has completed several upgrades to its full-function file editor File-Flash Plus.

File-Flash Plus enables programmers to display, search, edit and update data in iSeries-AS/400 databases quickly. Complex procedures required by IBM's Data File Utility or Query to access and manipulate data are replaced with a single keystroke.

New to File-Flash Plus 4.2 is a feature that gives technicians a simple way to create delimited files using conditional record selection and field placement criteria. Also, a new mass delete capability lets users easily perform mass deletions by defining a field and value range. Several changes have also been made to make the product compliant with the current limits dictated by IBM for OS/400 V5R2.

For more information, go to

BOSaNOVA announces new XP-embedded thin client
BOScom announced Sept. 7 that it has added another member to its thin client family. The BOSaNOVA XTC-400 is based on a VIA 400 MHz processor and features an XP-embedded operating system. The BOSaNOVA XTC-400 includes BOScom's TN5250e emulation and 122-key driverless keyboard.

It also has 256 MB memory and a 256 MB DOM, allowing customers to integrate additional software into the terminals, such as customized applications or commercial products.

For more information, call BOSaNOVA toll-free at 866-865-5250.

BOSaNOVA releases version 5.20 of Jadvantage
BOScom announced the release of Jadvantage 5.20, its Java-based GUI display and printing emulation software that provides remote access to iSeries hosts and webfacing to iSeries applications.

The Jadvantage Server supplied with version 5.20 is compatible with Java 2 Runtime, which is supplied by default with OS/400 V5, thereby streamlining Jadvantage Server installation. In addition, the new version features support for Swing graphics in the Jadvantage client applet and display sessions.

Jadvantage provides TN5250e GUI display and print emulation via a Web browser. No installation is required on the user side. They simply access the URL provided or click a link on the company's Web site. All configuration is done on the iSeries host.

For more information or to download an evaluation copy, go to

New management module from BOScom reduces administration costs
BOScom also announced the availability of a new management module for use with its TCP/IP TN 5250e display and printing emulation software. The new product enables quick installation, upgrade and user/group configuration and is intended for large-scale (100 users or more) or distributed (20 or more remote user) installations.

The BOSaNOVA TCP/IP Management Module allows a network administrator to handle a variety of tasks from a single location on the network, including installation, upgrade and configuration. Printer definitions and user/group permissions can be set up remotely. For workstations that have undergone reformatting or an operating system upgrade, all parameters can be restored quickly and easily. The Management Module also supports customization based on customer requirements, such as user identification based on user name, computer name or workstation IP address.

For more information, call BOSaNOVA toll-free at 866-865-5250.

Lakeview announces general availability of MIMIX Browser with the AvailabilityCo-Pilot
Beginning in October, Lakeview Technology Inc.'s MIMIX Browser will come with three new key features: the AvailabilityCo-Pilot, an enterprise view of systems and a point-and-click interface.

The AvailabilitCo-Pilot reports systems and application availability issues by immediately drawing attention to important issues. Users define which conditions are promoted to the top of the screen. It gives operators an easy-to-use way to view and administer the details of those issues without having to search multiple places for information.

With the enterprise view of MIMIX systems and installations, operators get a single view across multiples systems. And the point-and-click interface is an easy-to-use graphical user interface that is provided as an alternative to the traditional green-screen interface that will still be available.

For more information, go to

Lakeview awarded top tier status in IBM's Value Add Enhancement program
During the fall COMMON conference, Lakeview Technology Inc. announced that it had been awarded High Availability (HA) status in IBM's Value Add Enhancement (VAE) program. Only Lakeview and two other vendors qualify for this top level.

Lakeview met all the criteria, such as providing 30 installed, reference active accounts in each geography of operation, 10 testimonials of switching operations occurring regularly, providing level one support in local languages and demonstrating ClusterProven capability.

Lakeview, Aldon announce partnership
Lakeview Technology and Aldon Computer Group announced a new partnership and integration of the companies' products. Components of Lakeview's MIMIX technology will be integrated into the Aldon Change Management System. The new product, named Aldon/CMS Optimum Availability (ACMS/OA), enables developers to continue managing their software application development processes while simultaneously conducting database maintenance and upgrades.

Aldon President Daniel Magid said businesses can easily use ACMS/OA to complete upgrade and maintenance projects throughout the application lifecycle and face minimal interruption and downtime.

For more information, visit or

DataMirror extends IBM's iSeries for High Availability server offering
DataMirror, a leading provider of enterprise application integration and resiliency solutions, announced a special iCluster pricing promotion through Dec. 31, 2003, in conjunction with IBM's iSeries for High Availability Server offering -- further enhancing protection against system outages and improving systems management capabilities for iSeries customers.

IBM's iSeries for High Availability offering for Model 825, 870 and 890 servers requires customers to purchase a full function high availability software solution from a specified high availability vendor such as DataMirror.

As an IBM High Availability Business Partner, DataMirror is adding value to IBM's iSeries for High Availability Server offering, providing companies with even more incentive to invest in high availability. DataMirror will offer customers a 50% discount on an iCluster software license for qualifying iSeries for High Availability Server Models 825, 870 and 890.

For more information on IBM's iSeries for High Availability Server offering, visit IBM's Web site at And for more information on DataMirror, visit

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