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ASNA releases Visual RPG for .NET

ASNA releases Visual RPG for .NET


ASNA recently announced the release of Visual RPG for .NET. ASNA Visual RPG for .NET (AVR for .NET) creates traditional Windows, browser-based and even PDA-based applications that connect effectively to IBM's iSeries platform. Built on an RPG foundation-but supporting the most modern object oriented programming principles-AVR provides a sophisticated RPG syntax that exploits Microsoft's .NET environment to the fullest.

With AVR for .NET, RPG programming teams can quickly and easily create modern applications using their traditional RPG language skills. Using their existing programming skills, even advanced technologies such as Web Services and object programming are at their command with AVR for .NET.

Says ASNA president Anne Ferguson, "AVR for .NET is the most important product ASNA has introduced in its 20 year history-and it has truly been a labor of love for us here at ASNA. Over the last 2 1/2 years our R&D team has written nearly 300,000 lines of code-they have been very busy! We're very pleased that after so much work, AVR for .NET is ready for release."

"Microsoft is excited to welcome ASNA and AVR for Visual Studio .NET into the .NET Framework family of programming languages," said Chris Flores, lead product manager for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. "AVR for Visual Studio .NET offers a unique and needed value proposition for today's iSeries developers."

AVR for .NET's release coincidently marks an important milestone in ASNA's Visual RPG history: it was ten years ago when ASNA first rolled out Visual RPG. In those ten years, ASNA's Visual RPG has built quite a following. ASNA's end-user customers now total nearly 400,000- nearly all of them AVR-related.

Martin Gossen, ASNA's Vice President of Business Alliances, says AVR for .NET is key to ASNA's future. "AVR for .NET is opening doors for ASNA worldwide. We've engaged Microsoft and several highly- qualified business partners, including Fujitsu, net Fusion Services, Sogeti, The Proven Method and Unisys to help us to deliver high quality, enterprise solutions for companies around the world with AVR for .NET."

Like AVR Classic, AVR for .NET connects directly to the iSeries. AVR for .NET uses ASNA's iSeries managed data provider for both very fast and secure record-level access and enabling robust OS/400 program calls. In 2004, AVR for .NET will also connect seamlessly to Microsoft's Yukon version of SQL Server. Although functionally similar to AVR Classic, AVR for .NET really focuses on programming productivity and substantially shortening the software development lifecycle. For example, to create browser-based applications, AVR for .NET cuts the code required by nearly 75%! To read more reasons for AVR Classic users to upgrade to AVR for .NET, see

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