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IBM delivers HA, capacity backup servers

IBM is delivering on two iSeries servers, one for high-availability and one for capacity backup. The offerings give SMBs a way to opt into the high-end servers without the expense.

IBM announced Friday the worldwide availability of two new iSeries servers for mid-size customers seeking capacity backup and high-availability solutions.

IBM unveiled the servers at the end of July.

The new iSeries for Capacity Backup offering is designed to meet the needs of customers seeking an off-site, disaster recovery server at prices IBM says are "financially attractive."

Like many of IBM's other recent offerings, these offerings give small to medium size businesses (SMB) a way to opt into the high-end servers without the expense.

Using on/off capacity on demand of iSeries, the Capacity Backup server will be sold with a minimum set of active processors and offer no-charge activation of standby processors in the event of a disaster.

The second offering, the new iSeries for High Availability server, is designed to meet the needs of customers seeking to minimize both planned and unplanned downtime events, said Steve Finnes, high availability product manager, IBM. This server features high availability software packages from iSeries ISVs DataMirror, Lakeview Systems, and Vision Solutions.

The iSeries for High Availability server is targeted at companies that require 24x7 high availability clustering, where an additional production server is actively deployed as part of a strategy to provide workload distribution and regular role swapping. Allows to go from very low to very high--in the event you need to activate processing power in case of disaster recovery--full power.

Each of the new server offerings is available as a specially configured i825, i870 or i890 server.


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