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WorksRight announces Save Output Queue (SOQ) Release 8.9

WorksRight announces Save Output Queue (SOQ) Release 8.9


WorksRight Software Inc. announced the availability of Save Output Queue (SOQ) Release 8.90. SOQ is a complete spooled file management system for the AS/400 (iSeries). SOQ provides users with the ability to archive spooled files, restore spooled files, convert spooled files to data files (ASCII and/or EBCDIC), duplicate spooled files, delete spooled files, and move spooled files from one output queue to another.

All of SOQ's functions can be performed on a single spooled file or on a group of spooled files. Any combination of up to 14 different criteria can be used to identify groups of spooled files to be processed. The identifying criteria includes output queue name, spooled file name, user name, job name, forms type, and creation date just to name a few.

Enhancements introduced in Release 8.90 of Save Output Queue include:

* Improved performance for large restores.

* A new feature that allows ownership of restored and duplicated spool files to be assigned to the restoring or duplicating user.

* Enhanced permissions management for spooled files converted to ASCII text files and placed in an IFS directory.

* An updated user interface. All screens now provide a more consistent OS/400-like appearance.

* Enhanced list generation for faster display. All multi-screen lists are now built in sections. This enhancement provides a faster initial display of the list.

* A new subset feature that allows users to quickly limit multi-screen lists (spool files and/or saves) to only those entries desired for processing.

* As with previous releases, an updated .PDF version of the SOQ Reference Manual is included on all SOQ CD-ROM distribution media.

SOQ functions are accessible via menu and command interfaces. The menu interface provides users instant and easy access to SOQ functions. The command interface allows users to incorporate SOQ functions into their own applications programs.

SOQ Release 8.90 works with all releases of OS/400 from V3R1M0 through V5R2M0 and can process any spooled file (including spooled files containing graphics, barcodes, and AFP print overlay references).

SOQ is available on a 30-day FREE trial basis. For more information, contact WorksRight Software Inc at 601-856-8337 or visit our web site at

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