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Linoma's RPG Toolbox -- New version 3.11 available

Linoma's RPG Toolbox -- New version 3.11 available


Linoma Software announced a significant new release of its RPG Toolbox, giving iSeries and AS/400 developers even more productivity tools and additional capabilities for modernizing legacy RPG applications.

The Toolbox will convert RPG/400 and RPG III source to RPG IV syntax, modernize existing RPG IV source to the latest syntax available for your OS/400 release or convert to the new RPG free-form style available in V5R1.

The new version of the RPG Toolbox now allows you to convert calculation-defined Key Lists into Data Structures or free form search arguments, convert eligible MOVEA operations to EVALs, convert more CAT operations, intelligently convert only arithmetic operations that won't overflow, recognize constant lengths and types when converting operations, convert SCAN operations to %SCAN built-in-functions and convert MVR operations to %REM built-in-functions.

If you want to convert to the new free-form RPG, you can also use Linoma's Toolbox to intelligently convert most Calculation fixed format statements into their free form equivalents. Nested free form statements can even be automatically indented so your source becomes much easier to read and maintain.

Included in the Toolbox is SEU PLUS, which complements IBM's Source Entry Utility (SEU) with over 70 additional line commands. This new version of SEU PLUS lets you choose the color and modification markers to use when commenting out lines using Linoma's custom line commands.

Pricing for the RPG Toolbox begins at $995 per iSeries or AS/400 CPU. A FREE trial of the Toolbox can be obtained at or by calling 1-800-949-4696 or (402) 334-7513.

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