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Tango/04 launches new iSeries Security Agent 2.0

Tango/04 launches new iSeries Security Agent 2.0

Tango/04 Computing Group, market leader in iSeries platform monitoring and performance solutions, announced today the launch of its iSeries Security Agent version 2.0, a real time security event manager for the OS/400. This version is a breakthrough in iSeries technology, and represents the most comprehensive security solution for the iSeries and AS/400 users. It can detect more than 500 different events and shield the system "inside-out" from suspicious usage through automated policies and customized rules.

Many security breaches do not come from the outside, but rather are produced internally from legitimate users. Users able to delete files (inadvertently or on purpose), copy data, or view unauthorized spool files are a major security risk. The iSeries Security Agent inspects end user activity in real time, analyzes behavioral patterns through advanced pattern matching, and automatically triggers action sets and commands. Instant notification of potential security threats, via two-way SMS, pager, and e-mail make it an excellent complement to Exit Point security products.

"Security is a very important issue these days," said Raul Cristian Aguirre, Tango/04 Computing Group's CEO. "Companies are forced to cope with increasingly strict security regulations and confidentiality standards, under severe budgetary constraints. We designed our Security Agent to be extremely flexible, easy to deploy and maintain, and above all, cost-effective - tackling current and future iSeries security demands."

The iSeries Security Agent is part of the VISUAL Message Center product line, and takes advantage of its advanced graphical console to create "security dashboards" and graphical enterprise views where security breaches are represented by easy-to-read, color-coded icons. Security events can be shown in their application context, thereby simplifying problem diagnosis and resolution.

The new iSeries Security Agent feeds the VISUAL Message Center SmartConsole with unparalleled event detail and security coverage, and can be programmed to automate several time-consuming tasks like password creation or user profile disablement in multiple systems.

Among the most important features of the new iSeries Security Agent are:

* Complete coverage of internal security events: Includes more than 70 different actions and 500 events, including Java/WebSphere auditing, clustering, native and IFS objects, and network configuration

* New reporting system: Ability to create parametric custom reports such as: commands executed by a power user; access to sensitive files; user profile creation; rejected passwords; spool file accesses; changes to system values, user profiles and security policies; user profile swapping; application changes; usage of sensitive tools such as SST, DFU, and interactive SQL; and programs adopting authority

* New high-speed event processing engine: New and powerful engine, capable of processing 500,000 events per hour - even on the smallest iSeries model 270

* Advanced self-protection: Powerful customizable rule sets, established through an easy-to-use Graphical Rule Editor, permits the shutdown of compromised services, freezes suspicious user activities, and locks up sensitive resources. This new version can execute multiple actions in one or several systems, partitions, and platforms

* Easy-to-use Configuration Wizard: User-friendly interface enhances productivity and decreases the learning curve — no security expertise required

* Advanced filtering: Customizable rules help avoid unwanted event collection, thereby decreasing system resource usage and allowing you to focus on real security threats

* New object-oriented, graphical business impact analysis

* Integration capabilities: Easily integrated with third-party security event vendors and consoles

* Web-based reporting: Includes advanced reporting tools to automatically generate HTML, and Acrobat (PDF) customizable reports

* Enhanced real-time alerts: Improved event escalation, pattern matching, duplicate suppression, and wireless support

Collecting security events can create mountains of hard-to-read events. The new iSeries Security Agent can transform, enrich, inspect, filter, group, and color-code events to speed up administrators' daily tasks. It can be deployed stand-alone or alongside leading Exit Point products like PowerTech's PowerLock. It can be installed locally or remotely in minutes, and supports OS/400 from V3R7 to V5R2.

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About Tango/04 Computing Group
Tango/04 Computing Group (Barcelona, Spain, with offices in USA, France, Switzerland, Argentina, and Chile) is an IBM Business Partner and a founding member of Project Eliza for self-managing systems that has received the All Star Partner World for Developers Award for the last five years. Founded in 1991, Tango/04 provides solutions to the iSeries and Windows server markets and has more than 3,500 customers in over 60 countries, including Cardinal Health, Chase Manhattan, Coca Cola, Credit Suisse Asset Management, Johnson & Johnson, NestlÉ, Telmex, Toys 'R' Us, Viking Direct, and many more. Tango/04 Computing Group is the developer of many popular iSeries and Windows products, such as VISUAL Message Center, VISUAL Control Center, VISUAL Debugger for Windows, VISUAL Support Pro, NiceLink and NiceLink Internet Connector.

For more information, visit or contact Tango/04 directly.

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