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Jadvantage Web facing & connectivity software now shipping "in the box" with iSeries servers

Jadvantage Web facing & connectivity software now shipping "in the box" with iSeries servers


As of July 15, a fully functional copy of Jadvantage 5.0, BOScom's industry-proven web facing software for secure access to iSeries hosts, will be included "in the box" with every iSeries server that IBM ships, announced Martin Pladgeman, president of BOSaNOVA Inc.

"We are pleased to make this outstanding software available to iSeries users in yet another way," says Pladgeman. "Jadvantage 5.0 is the best-in-kind solution for anyone who needs to access the iSeries from Windows, Macintosh and Linux environments, a real plus for e-Business shops who don't necessarily know which client systems their partners and customers are using. With its integrated web server and built-in GUI toolbox, it provides a tactical solution for transforming iSeries programs into secure web applications quickly and efficiently."

About Jadvantage
Jadvantage is a complete and maintenance-friendly software solution, providing TN5250e display and print emulation via popular web browsers, with no client install. A built-in GUI toolbox helps users transform green screens into customized web-appropriate interfaces without modifying their source code.

Version 5.0 of Jadvantage was ported to Sun Microsystems' Java 2 Runtime environment (JVM 2), which adds support for Macintosh and Linux operating systems. Browser support has been expanded to include Netscape and Mozilla, in addition to Internet Explorer. More information about Jadvantage can be found at

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