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ProData announces DBU plug-in for JD Edwards data

ProData announces DBU plug-in for JD Edwards data


ProData Computer Services Inc. announced the release of DBU (Database Utility) plug-in for JD Edwards databases. JD Edward customers utilizing WorldSoftware or OneWorld with the iSeries acting as the database server can now view and update any JD Edwards file with the data dictionary integrated. Time-consuming queries, DFU and additional programs are no longer required. Information on logicals can be viewed, security enabled, audit logs created and records reactivated. Both green-screen and GUI interfaces are available. The DBU/ JDE plug-in works as follows:

* DBU will extract the number of decimal positions assigned to each numeric field from the JDE data dictionary as well as pull in the text, column heading and alias.

* DBU will allow the user to edit the numeric field length attributes.

* DBU Applications can be created so the next time the file is accessed using the application, the numeric fields will be displayed using the proper length and decimal positions and the text, heading and alias info will be included.

About ProData
ProData Computer Services Inc. is a leading provider of iSeries 400 utilities. Founded in July 1981, ProData has been at the forefront in the creation and evolution of software for the AS/400 and was one of the first companies to work with the IBM relational database architecture. As a leader in the development of AS/400 utilities, ProData utility installations number over 15,000 with distributors located worldwide.

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