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Robot/AUTOTUNE 7.0 recognizes dynamic shifts in memory on logically partitioned iSeries systems

Robot/AUTOTUNE 7.0 recognizes dynamic shifts in memory on logically partitioned iSeries systems


Help/Systems Inc., developer of the Robot Automated Operations Solution for the iSeries, announces the release of Robot/AUTOTUNE 7.0, the newest version of its automatic performance monitoring and tuning package. Robot/AUTOTUNE, which has 2,500 users world wide, automatically and continuously tunes non-partitioned and logically partitioned iSeries systems.

Robot/AUTOTUNE now accommodates dynamic memory changes made by Robot/LPAR, Help/Systems' iSeries partition tuning and monitoring software, as well as memory shifted between partitions manually. Users can enter percentage values of total system memory in the Robot/AUTOTUNE minimum and maximum pool size fields. As workloads change and Robot/LPAR shifts memory between partitions, Robot/AUTOTUNE accounts for the increased or decreased memory and tunes the iSeries for optimal performance without interruption. And, Robot/AUTOTUNE can run in any partition.

Robot/AUTOTUNE supports extremely large jobs. Domino server or Web server jobs can spawn thousands of threads and cause system performance issues. Robot/AUTOTUNE continues to tune systems despite exceedingly large jobs and it reports on the number of active threads, so users can track the actual size and growth rate of their biggest jobs.

Additionally, the product setup has been streamlined. Robot/AUTOTUNE can determine a system's tuning needs based on the active environment. When users start the Automatic Setup, Robot/ AUTOTUNE displays all active subsystem descriptions with defined pool IDs on the iSeries. Robot/AUTOTUNE also displays the system activity—number of jobs running, interactive sessions, print activity, and more—within each active subsystem for each type of job. Users can run the Automatic Setup for their day and night environments. Robot/AUTOTUNE uses the information to expertly tune the system regardless of which environment is active.

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