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PowerTech extends iSeries auditing with addition of network auditing features to PowerLock SecurityA

PowerTech extends iSeries auditing with addition of network auditing features to PowerLock SecurityAudit 1.6


In response to the increased need for comprehensive security auditing to assure compliance with recently passed and impending regulations, PowerTech Group Inc. announced the release of PowerLock SecurityAudit 1.6 to comprehensively audit the critical servers at the heart of the enterprise, i.e. IBM iSeries and AS/400.

"Recent legislation is having a big impact on IT departments and -- in the case of the Sarbanes-Oxley act -- failure to properly comply will soon be punishable under federal law," said John Earl, PowerTech founder, CTO and COMMON board member. "IBM iSeries and AS/400 servers typically house the most valuable corporate assets, like accounting, ERP and CRM databases. And today, driven by the demands of e-business, they are being used in dramatically new and powerful ways. Unfortunately, this has left them vulnerable to an increasing number of security threats -- threats that are often poorly understood by IT professionals because they are difficult for them to see."

PowerLock SecurityAudit 1.6 includes new features that audit iSeries network traffic in addition to the extensive operating system auditing features the product already monitors. An increased emphasis on security, due in large part to new legislation, has made systems administrators' jobs more demanding than ever and subsequently, the requirements for security tools are more stringent. In response, PowerLock SecurityAudit 1.6 now audits network traffic. Network traffic is invisible to the OS/400 operating system.

Another significant new feature in SecurityAudit 1.6 is the security StorageSensor. StorageSensor provides notification when disk usage grows dramatically, which is often the first warning of a security breach. Hackers who use servers to store undesirable and often illegal documents and images can be quickly discovered so that corrective action can be initiated.

Price and availability
PowerLock SecurityAudit is now available from PowerTech. The price of a typical configuration is $8,500 for a P30 iSeries server.

About the PowerTech Group Inc.
The PowerTech Group provides security software products for access control, intrusion monitoring, intrusion prevention and vulnerability assessment on IBM's iSeries and AS/400 servers. Its award winning PowerLock SecuritySolutions are built by renowned iSeries security experts and used by a wide-variety of businesses, including IBM, Lear Corporation, Shell Canada, Bank of America, Nintendo and Campbell Soup Company. PowerTech is endorsed by IBM and is an Advanced Business Partner and a member of the exclusive Systems Management Partner Group (SMPG).

PowerLock SecuritySolutions extend iSeries security protection by monitoring and auditing both internal and external intrusions with state-of-the-art real-time intrusion monitoring, intrusion protection, access control, policy management and central administration capabilities. For more information on PowerTech or PowerLock SecuritySolutions, please visit

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