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ACOM iSeries division introduces new graphical design tool for creating document, check and label te

ACOM iSeries division introduces new graphical design tool for creating document, check and label templates


The iSeries (AS/400) Division of ACOM Solutions Inc. based in Atlanta has developed a new 32-bit, GUI-based, true WYSIWYG form, check and label design tool and will begin marketing it to customers and other iSeries (AS/400) users in June, it was announced today by James R. Scott, vice president and general manager of the division. The new design tool is PC resident, running under currently supported versions of Microsoft Windows and exchanging document designs and modifications interactively with the iSeries (AS/400) platform by means of an innovative bidirectional Java-based file transfer utility.

"In combination with other ACOM solutions for the iSeries(AS/400) market, this new design tool helps lift the back office to the next level of automation, offering users many options for delivering their data electronically or as paper-based documents and checks," Scott said. "They can configure the optimum blend of document and payment production and delivery for their specific operations, considering a broad range of requirements for speed, security, efficiency, control, affordability and personal preferences. Even where management opts to remain in a pure paper environment, significant savings stem from elimination of preprinted forms, associated equipment and the redeployment of personnel."

EZDesigner/400 supersedes a 16-bit GUI design tool that was introduced with the division's original product, EZPrint/400, and which has been available with EZPrint/400's successor solutions, EZeDocs/400 and EZPayManager/400.

EZeDocs/400 enables users to design electronic form and label templates either with the GUI design tool, dragging and dropping the various elements, or positioning the elements using X-Y coordinates on the green screen. Templates are uploaded to the iSeries (AS/400) platform using the Java-based file transfer utility and can be downloaded to EZDesigner/400 in the same way for fast, easy template editing or modification. When a document or check is needed, data is merged into a stored template and spooled out for delivery as a completed document or label, including such features as logos, signatures, bar codes, and sub-forms.

EZPayManager/400 operates in a similar manner, allowing users to generate payroll, accounts payable and other payments either as MICR laser checks on blank security check stock or as electronic payments over the banking industry's ACH network.

Both EZeDocs/400 and EZPayManager/400 have the ability to deliver their completed documents over a variety of media automatically, including paper copies, fax and email. The solutions also have an archiving capability that stores the data and permits it to be viewed and recovered as formatted documents.

EZDesigner/400 will be available to new EZeDocs/400 customers for a base price of $1,995.00. If sold as a freestanding design tool, it will be priced at $2,495.00. Site licenses are also available. Shipment will commence in mid-to late June, 2003. Key benefits and features include:

* True 32-bit interface with tool tips, help index, right-click ability, cut, copy, paste via keyboard
* Easy-to use drag-and-drop on-screen design
* Wide range of elements, e.g. logos, signatures, bar codes, sub-forms
* Element list window
* Key command availability on the GUI
* Bi-directional Java-based file transfer utility
* Direct mapping of spool file data on PC
* Split screen mapping
* On-screen preview of completed document
* PCL printer-supported fonts
* Word wrapping for text elements.

"Our initial response from customers has been extremely favorable and we expect a very rapid uptake for EZDesigner/400," said Gregory T. Church, vice president of marketing, communications and product management. "This is a product that our users have wanted, and we think we have brought them design tool that actually exceeds their expectations," Church said. "It will permit them to exact even more power from their ACOM solutions, their ERP and financial management software systems, and their iSeries or AS/400 computing platforms. It certainly should underscore ACOM's continuing commitment to the iSeries and AS/400 market."

About ACOM Solutions
ACOM is a leader in the field of back office process management, offering solutions for payment management, document output management, purchasing management and B2B eCommerce management. The company's solutions integrate seamlessly with enterprise applications such as ERP and CRM to enhance back office and B2B processes for electronic, Internet and paper-based commerce. ACOM offers solutions in the Microsoft Windows and the IBM iSeries (AS/400) environments, including hardware, software, professional services, supplies, and maintenance contracts, as well as the company's 30-day No Risk Guarantee. Contact ACOM Solutions at 2850 E. 29th Street, Long Beach CA 90806; telephone 562 424 7899; fax 562 424 8662; e-mail; Web:

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