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PowerTech simplifies iSeries security with PowerLock NetworkSecurity 4.7

PowerTech simplifies iSeries security with PowerLock NetworkSecurity 4.7


While eBusiness applications are a dream for a company's bottom line, they can be a nightmare for the IT managers responsible for securing the data they deliver. In response to this growing concern, the PowerTech Group Inc. has announced the release of PowerLock NetworkSecurity 4.7 to secure the servers at the heart of the enterprise, the IBM iSeries.

"The iSeries' well-deserved reputation as a secure, reliable machine has ironically made it highly vulnerable to security breaches," said John Earl, PowerTech founder, CTO and COMMON board member. "eBusiness software and other network computing initiatives expose new vulnerabilities to the iSeries because they allow too much access to the vital data on this server. PowerLock NetworkSecurity addresses these threats head-on and enables IT managers to make fast, accurate security decisions."

PowerLock NetworkSecurity 4.7 will ship in July and includes new features that add flexibility, intuition and ease-of-use to the award-winning PowerLock product suite. PowerTech selected features to respond to the challenges its customers face. Budget cuts, paired with an increased emphasis on security, due in large part to new legislation, have made systems administrators' jobs more demanding than ever, and the requirements for security tools more acute.

"PowerLock has been an indispensable tool to detect and prevent unauthorized usage on Shell Canada's network," said John Thiers, senior staff systems analyst of Shell Canada. "Securing the iSeries is a daunting task, but PowerLock helps me prioritize the information in security reports so I can make informed decisions and act fast to prevent security breaches."

The new features include: Easy Transaction Analyzer, Rule Version Control, Customized Exit Points and Dynamic Authority Manager.

The Easy Transaction Analyzer saves time and simplifies data retrieval by intuitively presenting only the most vital information. To maintain optimal security without compromising productivity, Rule Version Control is the fastest method possible to implement and roll back security rules. Exit points on proprietary and third-party software can be uniformly secured with PowerLock using Customized Exit Points. Dynamic Authority Manager increases productivity by giving systems administrators the ability to instantly grant or restrict access.

"Systems administrators are faced with huge volumes of information from a variety of servers across their networks," said Earl. "They don't need more data-they need data intelligently digested so they can take action."

About the PowerTech Group, Inc.
The PowerTech Group provides security software products for access control, intrusion monitoring, intrusion prevention and vulnerability assessment on IBM's iSeries and AS/400 servers. Its award winning PowerLock SecuritySolutions are built by renowned iSeries security experts and used by a wide-variety of businesses, including IBM, Lear Corporation, Shell Canada, Bank of America, Nintendo and Campbell Soup Company. PowerTech is endorsed by IBM and is an Advanced Business Partner and a member of the exclusive Systems Management Partner Group (SMPG).

PowerLock SecuritySolutions extend iSeries security protection by monitoring and auditing both internal and external intrusions with state-of-the-art real-time intrusion monitoring, intrusion protection, access control, policy management and central administration capabilities. For more information on PowerTech or PowerLock SecuritySolutions, please visit

PowerLock NetworkSecurity 4.7 gives users a simple, dynamic and powerful tool to effectively secure their iSeries without compromising overall productivity.

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