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Alliance FTP Manager offers full SSL FTP connection support to BellSouth

Alliance FTP Manager offers full SSL FTP connection support to BellSouth


Alliance FTP Manager has been enhanced to provide automated file transfer with the BellSouth AICXFER FTP server. Customers who have been receiving magnetic tape or PC transfers can now fully automate the file transfers directly from their IBM iSeries or AS/400 system.

The Alliance SSL FTP client application fully supports the Clear Command Channel (CCC) operation required by the BellSouth FTP server. Connections are secured for the protection of user ID, password, and data transfer. The Alliance CCC support makes it possible to communicate with BellSouth through normal firewall configurations.

Alliance provides for automated polling of the BellSouth server. New files are automatically detected and pulled to the AS/400. Alliance maintains an historical database of files that have been received from BellSouth, and only retrieves new files. The Alliance customer can active automated polling at system start-up and know that new files will be retrieved as they are available.

Files received from BellSouth can be automatically processed into the AS/400 database using Alliance interfaces. Alliance provides a way to register your RPG or CL application to process a file when it is received. Your application program is called automatically and you can perform any database or application processing that you wish.

For sending files to BellSouth Alliance provides a set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that are easy to integrate into your AS/400 applications. Sample code is provided in the Alliance product library to help you get up and running quickly.

For customers needing additional assistance Patrick Townsend & Associates can provide services to install, configure, and test with BellSouth. Custom programming services are also available to integrate BellSouth data into your business applications. For more information on integration services contact Patrick Townsend & Associates at (800) 357-1019 or email to

More information about Alliance FTP Manager is available at

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Patrick Townsend & Associates is a privately held company that specializes in B2B eCommerce and communications solutions for the Enterprise, ISV, and ASP customer. More information on Townsend products is available by calling (800) 357-1019. International customers call +1-360-357-8971. Email: The company web site is located at

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