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David Breisacher launches new storage company targeting increased need for data protection

David Breisacher launches new storage company targeting increased need for data protection


Storage industry veteran David Breisacher has launched a new storage manufacturing company, GST Inc., to fulfill the unique needs for improved data protection and disaster recovery capabilities required in today's era of heightened security concerns. Initial products will focus on enhanced tape backup/restore and disaster recovery solutions for IBM's eServer family, consisting of iSeries, pSeries and xSeries servers.

Besides bringing his 21 years of experience as a highly successful IT industry entrepreneur to GST, Breisacher assembled a seasoned crew of storage veterans with over 20 years of direct experience to guide the company in its launch phase. This team is reinforced by a Market Advisory Board to monitor storage and data protection issues at the user level. An Engineering Advisory Panel provides additional guidance on product design issues.

"GST gives me the opportunity to pull together all my best resources and apply all that we have learned in the past 20 years in the storage industry to produce better storage products for the IBM eServer community", observed Briesacher.

Breisacher and his team identified three important areas where storage needs are not being fully met today: mirrored backups, backup consolidation and fault tolerant backups. The company then developed unique storage solutions that focus on these unmet needs at cost-effective pricing.

The company's research showed that backing up to tape daily or even more frequently has become a critical part of the data protection strategy of most organizations since the Sept. 11 disaster. One result of this finding was a mirrored backup solution using GST's Server-Transparent Media Duplication (STMD) technology that employs our dual-drive subsystems and mirrored libraries to simultaneously generate identical backup sets; one can be maintained off-site at a secure location for disaster recovery while the other set is retained onsite for rapid restores. Other data protection developments in GST's new tape line include Backup Consolidation for backing up multiple servers on one library, Fault Tolerant Backup where a second drive assures that backups and restores will not fail if one drive malfunctions, and LCD Operator Panel providing critical information on the backup operation.

Regarding GST's future direction, Breisacher said, "Our plans provide for development of future tape solutions, storage management software, storage consulting services and disk subsystems. But today we are concentrating on the launch of our tape solutions."

Solutions offered by GST include field-upgradeable single- and dual-drive tape subsystems, autoloaders, and two families of tape libraries that scale up to enterprise speeds and capacities. The highly scalable product line starts with internal tape subsystems that can back up 70-200GB for prices from $1,950-$4,350 (USD). The high end of this product line has Enterprise-wide Libraries that back up 6-96TB at prices ranging from $21,450 to an 8-module library for $324,000. Transfer speeds range from 28GB an hour on the internal tape to 4TB an hour on the largest Enterprise-wide Libraries.

The new tape product line is the most complete offered for the eServer family, a market segment to which Breisacher brings a keen interest and significant experience.

For more information about GST, contact David Breisacher, CEO/Chairman, 20902 Bake Parkway, Suite 114, Lake Forest, CA 92630. Tel 1-949-645-3359, fax 1-949-645-7435; email Web site is:

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