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Original Software releases new testing capability for iSeries, SQL Server & Oracle users

Original Software releases new testing capability for iSeries, SQL Server & Oracle users


Original Software, creator of some of the world's most innovative and widely used testing solutions for UAT and QA teams, has released version 3.1 of its leading GUI application testing solution, TestGUI. The latest version uses a brand new combination of technologies called Tri Sense technology -- a development that enables some of the most penetrating and comprehensive cross-platform GUI testing available.

TestGUI leads the field in innovative GUI testing capabilities for iSeries, SQL Server and Oracle users, offering easy-to-use functional and regression testing capabilities for user acceptance and QA testers. Its simple user interface eliminates the need to learn a scripting language -- making it instantly accessible to even the least technical of end users. This also enables much easier script maintenance. Yet beneath this lies a powerful level of script controlling that also meets the needs of the most technically advanced QA teams.

TestGUI captures and analyses individual screen components and related actions, to build a complete picture of GUI screen content and activity – one that does not depend upon pixel-specific screen record & playback. Major languages and technologies supported in the latest release include: Microsoft .NET, Microsoft COM/ActiveX, Cool:Plex, Seagull J Walk and all Microsoft VB and C++ objects and controls.

The new Tri Sense technology enables TestGUI to use three methods to identify and interrogate (1) Microsoft standard objects (using class rules); (2) Microsoft Active Accessibility objects & controls (using the IAccessible Interface; and (3) Microsoft Component Object Model (COM/ActiveX) objects, using COM rules. This powerful combination enables TestGUI to capture full content and input details for a huge array of object types with a minimal amount of configuration.

In addition to this wide-reaching and comprehensive object type support, TestGUI leads the field in compatibility with the most commonly used databases underlying GUI applications. Integration with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2 databases enables TestGUI users to store test scripts, results and data on the server, where these resources can be easily accessed by all relevant members of a development team.

But in its strongest configuration, TestGUI integrates with TestBench for iSeries, Original Software's flagship testing solution. This offers iSeries users complete and automated tracking, testing, checking and verification of all server processes, plus data extraction and maintenance, environment protection, central script and results storage and much more – as well as thorough testing of the PC processes.

Stuart Bishop, product development manager for Original Software, comments: "We are very proud of the level and detail of coverage we have achieved in this latest release of TestGUI. Tri Sense makes the product more than capable of out-performing the most established GUI testing solutions in the marketplace - without taking into account its iSeries server testing and other cross-platform capabilities."

TestGUI version 3.1 is available immediately from Original Software. Price packages start at $4,500 per concurrent user.

About TestGUI
TestGUI uses innovative technology to capture and analyse the events and activities performed within a GUI application, interrogating the application at the object level. Test results are displayed in a comprehensive but user-friendly format combining detailed tabular content and input information with a graphic representation of the screen and its elements. TestGUI is designed for ease of use (it is not necessary to learn a scripting language) but its underlying technology will satisfy the most technical of users.

About Original Software
Headquartered in the UK, The Original Software Group was founded in 1997 to develop, market and support a range of productivity solutions, initially for the IBM iSeries platform. The company has North American headquarters in Chicago, USA. Original Software sells direct worldwide but has also forged a number of distribution agreements in Europe, the Far East and North America. Burberry, DHL, Circuit City Stores, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Gucci and Sony are among the international companies to benefit from Original Software's approach to iSeries software testing. Original Software is an IBM Developer Business Partner. Test us out now at

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