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eStorage brings AIT tape technology to iSeries and AS/400 market

eStorage brings AIT tape technology to iSeries and AS/400 market


eStorage, a leading provider of storage solutions for IBM mid-range computers, announced new tape drives for the IBM iSeries and AS/400 computers based on Sony's Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) technology. eStorage is offering its 9192 single-drive AIT-3 tape subsystem at an unprecedented special low price of $4,995 until June 30, 2003.

"The AIT technology family delivers the capacity, performance, reliability and scalability to provide eStorage with leading-edge tape solutions for the IBM mid-range market," said John Woelbern, director of OEM marketing and sales for Sony Electronics' Tape Storage Solutions division. "The breadth of AIT, with coverage from DDS to enterprise applications, together with eStorage's direct connectivity capability, provides a true value proposition for these customers. We are pleased to partner with eStorage in providing the best tape storage solutions to this market.

"We are very excited to be working with an international market leader like Sony," said John Gimpl, eStorage's executive vice-president. "We have had very good success selling Sony AIT technology into the iSeries market, and this collaboration will allow us to make even further inroads. We estimate that the market for iSeries tape drive products will be $295 million in 2003, so the potential for our new AIT tape products is huge."

"We are also very impressed with Sony's product roadmap," continued Gimpl. "In particular, their new SAIT technology, which supports an incredible 500GB uncompressed capacity and 30MB/sec sustained transfer rates, will allow us to remain highly competitive in the future."

AIT is one of the world's leading tape backup technologies, and is well known for its performance and reliability. AIT-3, the latest generation of AIT, supports up to 100GB of native capacity per cartridge (up to 260GB compressed) with transfer native rates of up to 12MB/sec and an MTBF of 400,000 hours. These capabilities make it ideal for critical IBM mid-range computer backup applications. As Iris Morin of Golden State Foods, an eStorage AIT-3 customer, says, " I started using eStorage's AIT-1 tape drive five years ago and I've recently upgraded to their latest AIT-3 drive. I continue to use eStorage AIT tape drives because they're very fast, very reliable, and have extremely high capacity. I also have total backwards read and write compatibility for all my legacy tapes, which provides great investment protection. And when I travel the country, I can put a tape in my pocket instead of carrying around stacks of media."

eStorage's new tape drives with AIT technology are available for immediate shipment. For additional details, contact eStorage at (800) 598-9910 or visit the company's Web site at

About AIT
Ever since its debut in 1996, the innovative and unrivaled technology known as AIT has been proving its superior performance and reliability to customers worldwide. System manufacturers and storage solution providers alike have been embracing AIT, incorporating this fast access, high-density, tape recording technology into their own winning solutions. Since its inception, AIT has been a tape technology leader, offering superior capacity, durability, reliability, and scalability.

About eStorage
eStorage, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of enterprise storage systems. Focusing on the IBM iSeries and AS/400 mid-ange computer market, eStorage provides a full range of high-end disk subsystems, tape subsystems, automated tape libraries, and storage management software. These sophisticated solutions offer higher performance, greater functionality, increased uptime, and reduced costs compared to competing products. Based in Irvine, Calif., eStorage sells and services its products worldwide.

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