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PCL to PDF converter -- New weapon in war on paper

PCL to PDF converter -- New weapon in war on paper


inFORM Decisions Inc. launched a module that brings iSeries users closer to a paperless environment with an iSeries native PCL to PDF converter that processes HP PCL output into Adobe's popular Acrobat PDF format.

iSeries PCL to PDF Version 1.0 converts Hewlett Packard's standard PCL printer output into Adobe's globally accepted Acrobat PDFs. This is a valuable utility since most forms processing solutions including inFORM Decisions iDoc'sTM, output standard HP PCL code. By automatically converting PCL to PDF, users can email and post these popular and intelligent PDF viewable documents to Internet sites.

HP PCL printer output is a standard format that most large financial institutions, insurance companies, government agencies, and e-form solution providers use to receive or generate their e-documents and reports. According to Davis Yokana, inFORM's Software Development Manager, "The problem with the PCL format is that it's not as easy to work with. PCL require proprietary viewers that must be purchased, thus global users cannot access and work with the files. The results are typically not as consistent, or as intelligent, as PDF." In the iSeries Marketplace, there are very few iSeries native solutions that can convert PCL into PDF on the iSeries host. Yokana adds, "Many require the user to download to a PC, process the conversion, then upload the results back to the iSeries host."

Having a native iSeries PCL to PDF converter is an important building block to iSeries forms solution providers attempting to provide a truly enterprise-wide e-document solution. With inFORM's iDocs products, users can send, open, view, search, archive and retrieve (from a web browser) converted documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, statements or any other business form. Senders are no longer limited to sending print documents, and recipients have far more latitude on how they view and process their forms, checks and reports.

iSeries PCL to PDF parses through the PCL and converts all of the elements to PDF format so all the functionality that is typically available for viewing and processing PDFs with Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat, is supported. These PDFs can be compressed and emailed, downloaded from the Internet, posted to a website or electronically archived. InFORM's PCL to PDF converted PDF files are compressed and intelligent, making file sizes smaller and the text searchable. PDF archival and retrieval is easier too. inFORM also incorporates PDF output in their web-based archive and retrieval system called iViewTM. InFORM Decisions' intends to move companies completely away from the use of paper forms. Dan Forster, InFORM Decisions' President, says, "The direction we are trying to point people in is that of a paperless environment. With iDocs you get electronic forms. Other modules that plug into iDocs further eliminate the need to print, so you can automatically have the system merge documents from spool files to PDFs overnight; these can be invoices, order confirmations, or whatever, and transmit them in the morning. Then they can be automatically archived. That's the whole idea behind a complete automated workflow solution."

iSeries PCL to PDF can be purchased for $3,000 for any model iSeries computer. An evaluation copy of iChange can be downloaded from, along with the complete iDocs suite. For additional information, please call (800) 858 5544, (949) 609-4580, or send your request by e-mail to

About iDocs iDocs is an iSeries-based, software suite that allows users to quickly and easily develop electronic form documents. eForm development is simplified with pull-down menu screens prompt for desired form definitions, including auto-burst and de-collate, multipart form distribution, auto-form rotation, backside printing, paper tray selection, output queue locations, archive spool file options and other features.

iDocs automatic, artificially intelligent based front end can automatically convert the scan of a printed form into an e forms template. iDocs' backend provides numerous methods for defining merges of spool file data to designed form templates. An unlimited number of engines can be defined to poll designated output queues for desired spool files.

Optionally inFORM Decisions can provide "Print Immediate" API's to define the parameters of the form's merge operation.

ASCII pass thru, client server functionality, and AS/4000 workflow features enable users to email or fax iDocs compiled and merged forms anywhere, or they can be printed on any network connected printer.

iDocs has a small footprint and represents a minimal impact on system resources. It also offers a highly secure and efficient method of form storage.

About inFORM Decisions Inc. inFORM Decisions develops automated and secure electronic check, form systems and eCommerce solutions for iSeries-AS/400 and NT Client-Server environments. These solutions integrate with existing applications and dramatically reduce material and labor costs for their clients worldwide. inFORM Decisions develops their products with modularity in mind and delivers systems that are tailored to a client's needs.

For details, contact
Davis Yokana, Product Development Manager
(949) 609-4580 ext. 109
(949) 609-4581 (fax)

inFORM Decisions Inc.
5540 Rockfield Blvd, Suite A
Irvine, California 92618
(800) 858-5544 or (949) 609-4580
Fax: (949) 609-4581

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There has more PCL Conversion software and PCL Parser software on the internet, you may search them in Google. I'm using VeryUtils PCL to PDF Converter, it's a branch from VeryPDF, I have used this software more than five years, it has converted about million of PCL files for me, it's a really software.