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IBM's ADM migration program to Aldon Software Development Management solution extended indefinitely

IBM's ADM migration program to Aldon Software Development Management solution extended indefinitely


Aldon Computer Group, a leader in e-business development management software for multiple platforms, announced the continuation of the ADM migration path jointly endorsed by Aldon and IBM. Early success by many joint clients was the precursor for this decision to ensure a rapid upgrade path for ADM, giving development teams access to a fully supported e-business software development management solution, Aldon Affiniti.

In a further endorsement of the program's continuation, David Slater, worldwide marketing manager of iSeries application development, reiterated his support, saying, "To be effective in the world of e-business development, SCM tools need to be able to manage C++ and Java source code in the Integrated File System. Aldon Affiniti fully meets these requirements and through its integration with the WebSphere development environment, Affiniti enables programmers to integrate their development through a single point of control. Affiniti offers the capabilities ADM customers need as they move to e-business development."

"Our market-leading, award winning software development management solution had made us the preferred choice for IBM and iSeries users in general," said Daniel Magid, president of Aldon Computer Group. "I believe much of our initial success with ADM migrations comes from the experience of our ADM-to-Affiniti upgrade support team and the general simplicity of the Affiniti install and administration process."

Aldon Affiniti is the only software configuration and change management solution built for the collaborative, multi-platform environments of e-business application development, maintenance, and support. All programming teams working on any e-business project -- no matter whether developing Windows, Web, UNIX and/or iSeries components -- can use Affiniti's single graphical interface, enabling them to visually track, retrieve, control and distribute all objects across a project, regardless of their platform or location. Information on the ADM migration path can be found at:

About Aldon Computer Group
Aldon Computer Group is the leading software provider of e-business development management solutions designed to get more applications into production quickly while increasing the responsiveness to end-users. Aldon Affiniti Suite manages the entire e-business development lifecycle across all platforms with tightly integrated products that seamlessly span Windows, Unix, iSeries and Web environments. More than 5,000 companies rely on Aldon's time-tested development expertise and award-winning solutions to rapidly build, deploy, maintain and support their mission-critical software. Aldon customers include nine of the top ten Fortune 100 firms. Established in 1979, Aldon operates globally and is headquartered in Emeryville, Calif. More information can be found at

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