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Tango/04 launches VISUAL Control LPAR Tuner

Tango/04 launches VISUAL Control LPAR Tuner


Tango/04 Computing Group, a leader in iSeries systems management software, has launched VISUAL Control LPAR Tuner, a new module of its successful VISUAL Control Performance Management product line. Developed with IBM Rochester support, LPAR Tuner allows dynamic moving of resources from one partition to another by using a highly efficient self-tuning algorithm, which ensures maximum return on hardware investment and enhances response times.

"Partitioning is a great solution, but it is difficult for companies to react to ever-changing workloads in real time," said Raul Aguirre, CEO of Tango/04 Computing Group. "You cannot predict how end users are going to use the system. CPU, for instance, is a terribly expensive thing to waste. By using the new VISUAL Control LPAR Tuner, enterprises can get more value out of their technology investments, as resources are automatically moved "on-demand," effectively improving productivity and user satisfaction enormously."

VISUAL Control LPAR Tuner optimizes OS/400 partitions by automatically avoiding fragmentation, which is produced by idle resources waiting for workloads in certain partitions, while other partitions are over-committed. VISUAL Control LPAR Tuner continuously monitors the workload in each partition and reassigns resources rapidly among them. Resource movement is controlled by user-defined policies that define each partition's importance, priority, stability and movement speed. Rules can also vary dynamically according to the time of day, allowing for different tuning scenarios.

Implementation in selected businesses has proven tremendously successful. "We are very happy with it," said Laszlo Meszar from IBM Hungary. "We have installed Tango/04's LPAR Tuner at some of our clients, and the results have been extremely successful. The financial and time benefits are staggering."

While other tools promise dynamic tuning, they are "event driven," where CPU is allocated according to fixed scheduling, or as a reaction to a poor performance event. VISUAL Control LPAR Tuner is different because of the power of its self-tuning algorithm, which proactively monitors workloads and resource allocation through all partitions. The results are increased time and financial savings, ease of use, and rapid deployment.

VISUAL Control LPAR Tuner generates historical performance data to track resource allocation and predicts future trends. It can monitor and optimize up to 256 partitions simultaneously, and is ready to support the next generation of iSeries machines.

Tango/04 has developed this proprietary technology with the funding of the European PROFIT project, IBM technical and financial support, and is backed by over a decade of experience in advanced Enterprise Performance Tools.

About Tango/04 Computing Group:
Tango/04 Computing Group (Barcelona, Spain with offices in France, Switzerland, Argentina and Chile) is an IBM Business Partner that has received the All Star Partner World for Developers Award for the last five years. Founded in 1991, Tango/04 provides solutions to the iSeries and Windows markets and has more than 3,500 customers in over 60 countries, including Cardinal Health, Chase Manhattan, Coca Cola, Credit Suisse Asset Management, Johnson & Johnson, NestlÉ, Nike, Toys 'R' Us, Viking Direct and many more. Tango/04 Computing Group is the developer of many popular iSeries and Windows products, such as VISUAL Message Center, VISUAL Control Center, and VISUAL Debugger for Windows.

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