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Graphical spool data mapping add-on for iDocs released

Graphical spool data mapping add-on for iDocs released


inFORM Decisions Inc. has simplified the process of re-mapping iSeries spool file data to fields in electronically distributed forms or reports with the introduction of iMap, Version 1.0. iMap is a graphical spool file data-mapping tool that works with inFORM's forms management solution called iDocs.

iMap's point and click interface gives users a graphically simplified way to map iSeries spool files and change fonts, resulting in professional looking reports and commercial grade eForms and eChecks. Once a spool is downloaded from the iSeries to the PC where iMap and iDocs' design component reside, iMap users simply highlight data in the spool file, which is displayed on one side of a split screen, and click a target field in a designed form or report which appears next to the spool file.

When all the fields are mapped from the spool file into the designated form, the user can upload the completed map file along with the form or report format to the iSeries IFS by clicking on the upload icon in the forms design module.

iMap also permits users to easily build a mapping table, change fonts, change the data or change the view if desired.

iMap and iDocs replace green screen coordinate mapping on a PC, with a common and familiar Windows-based user interface. Forms generation tools without this technology require users to work through cumbersome multi-step x/y mapping processes and others.

When graphical spool data mapping is combined with iDocs' ability to automatically convert the scan of a printed form into an eForms template, creating forms is even easier. "Our point and click designer is the thing that makes the difference," states Dan Forster, president of inFORM Decisions. "The tools in iDocs are strong. With iMap added, we feel we have the most powerful graphical environment for composing iSeries form, report and check applications."

iMap can be licensed for $500 for any model iSeries computer For additional information or access to a free on-line demonstration of iMap and iDocs, please call (800) 858 5544, (949) 609-4580, or send your request by e-mail to

About iDocs iDocs is an iSeries-based, software suite that allows users to quickly and easily develop electronic form documents. eForm development is simplified with pull-down menu screens that prompt for desired form definitions, including auto-burst and de-collate, multipart form distribution, auto-form rotation, backside printing, paper tray selection, output queue locations, archive spool file options and other features.

iDocs automatic, artificially intelligent based front end can automatically convert the scan of a printed form into an eForms template.

iDocs backend provides numerous methods for defining merges of spool file data to designed form templates. An unlimited number of engines can be defined to poll designated output queues for desired spool files. Optionally inFORM Decisions can provide "Print Immediate" API's to define the parameters of the form's merge operation.

ASCII pass thru, client server functionality, and AS/4000 workflow features enable users to email or fax iDocs compiled and merged forms anywhere, or they can be printed on any network connected printer.

iDocs has a small footprint and represents a minimal impact on system resources. It also offers a highly secure and efficient method of form storage.

About inFORM Decisions Inc.
inFORM Decisions develops automated and secure electronic check, form systems and eCommerce solutions for iSeries-AS/400 and NT Client-Server environments. These solutions integrate with existing applications and dramatically reduce material and labor costs for their clients worldwide. inFORM Decisions develops their products with modularity in mind and delivers systems that are tailored to a client's needs.


inFORM Decisions, Inc.
5540 Rockfield Blvd, Suite A
Irvine, California 92618
(800) 858-5544 or (949) 609-4580
Fax: (949) 609-4581

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