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Nissan takes the road to real-time notification with Tango/04's VISUAL Message Center

Tango/04's VISUAL Message Center


Nissan Motor Iberica, part of the leading automobile manufacturer Nissan Group, adopts VISUAL Message Center and its respective SMS technology to comprehensively control all aspects of the iSeries. As automotive manufacturing becomes increasingly dependant on Just in Time processes, with an ever decreasing amount of on-site inventory, having the right software is essential to keep critical applications running 24 hours a day, everyday.

Francisco del Rio, chief analyst of Nissan Motor Iberica's Madrid plant said, "We did not have a way to monitor queues during out of office hours. We approached Tango/04 to see if they had a solution. We were already actively using VISUAL Message Center, but I needed to be alerted about anything that happened when I was outside the office."

Tango/04 Computing Group had the solution: incorporate Notifier into the already existing line of products on the three production iSeries across the peninsula. "This way, Nissan can achieve comprehensive control on the iSeries, wherever they may be and at whatever time", said Raul Aguirre, CEO of Tango/04. "Our best of breed solutions combined with SMS technology and Nokia mobile phones, makes it impossible to ever miss a message."

With Notifier, messages from iSeries and Windows machines that appear on the VISUAL Message Center Console can be forwarded by SMS message or email to the appropriate IT staff. They can reply to these messages directly from their mobile phone or email. Furthermore, escalation lists can be programmed to guarantee that no message goes unnoticed. "For instance, if a communication line breaks, VISUAL Message Center tries to reestablish it", said Francisco. "If it cannot fix it within x number of attempts, it sends me an SMS message to my mobile phone. I connect to the system from home, and fix the problem remotely. It's fantastic!"

Notifier has made critical processes far easier to control. Francisco said, "before having Notifier, we would arrive at work in the morning, and find that overnight procedures had failed. This would be catastrophic as some of these files needed to be sent to the central office in Barcelona. Restarting the whole procedure would waste incredible amounts of critical time. Today, with Notifier and VMC, we are informed by SMS when overnight procedures have been finished correctly, and that the files have been sent to headquarters. That way, we can rest easy!"

That's not all though. Notifier and VISUAL Message Center not only helps with critical IT processes, but also business processes. Francisco said, "At the end of each shift, our production iSeries makes a list of all automotive part stocks which are reaching minimum levels. Before using Notifier we could have found ourselves in a situation where this list was not sent to the head office, and consequently have to slow down or even stop production because of a lack of parts. VMC and Notifier completely eradicate this possibility, because I am potentially warned by SMS of any issue in stock levels before it is too late."

Justifying the purchase of Notifier does not always have much to do with the complexity of processes, but rather their criticalness. "I do not have a large amount of alarms/actions programmed within VISUAL Message Center and Notifier. They may not be many, but if one of these messages does not get to the appropriate IT staff, the results can be hours of downtime and costs. This does not only effect the IT department, but the entire production line as well. VMC and Notifier have helped us run our critical processes with much more ease, efficiency, and productivity.

About VISUAL Message Center
VISUAL Message Center is a comprehensive multi-platform solution that channels system messages to an easy to use console, where you can group messages according to business policies or technical parameters and access them from interactive geographical overviews of your entire organization.

About Notifier
Two-way real-time messaging is vital for any high availability environment. Notifier uses SMS and email messaging to any mobile device to ensure that systems are constantly monitored. Any message or event received by VISUAL Message Center can be broadcast to one or multiple mobile devices and can be replied remotely from the remote device. Escalation lists let you adapt message distribution to your organization.

About Tango/04 Computing Group
Tango/04 Computing Group (Barcelona, Spain with offices in France, Switzerland, Argentina and Chile) is an IBM Business Partner that has received the All Star Partner World for Developers Award for the last five years. Founded in 1991, Tango/04 provides solutions to the iSeries and Windows markets and has more than 3,500 customers in over 60 countries, including Cardinal Health, Chase Manhattan, Coca Cola, Credit Suisse Asset Management, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle', Nike, TelMex, Toys 'R' Us, Viking Direct and many more. Tango/04 Computing Group is the developer of many popular iSeries and Windows products, such as VISUAL Message Center, VISUAL Control Center, VISUAL Debugger for Windows, VISUAL Support Pro, NiceLink and NiceLink Internet Connector.

About Nissan
Nissan is one of the largest automotive manufacturers worldwide. Of Japanese origin, it has an increasingly large market share in Europe, partly due to the launch of new models, and also due to the strategic alliance with France's Renault, which has a 44% stake in Nissan. Their European Central offices are located in France, with manufacturing facilities in Spain and the UK. They also have manufacturing plants in the USA; Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Egypt.

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