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Appendix A: EMPLOYEE table DDS source

Appendix A: EMPLOYEE table DDS source

You can copy this DDS source to an iSeries source physical file, create the file and enter data to replicate the same table used in this example. The UPDDTA command will generate a temporary data entry program to allow you to enter some sample records.

     A*-- DDS file target = EMPLOYEE mapped from DDW source = EMPLOYEE_ddw.txt 
     A*--  Cape Cod Bay Systems -  cc 2000 
     A          R EMPR                                                          
     A            EMPNO       0006A         COLHDG('EMPNO')                     
     A                                      ALIAS(EMPNO)                        
     A            FIRSTNME    0012A         COLHDG('FIRSTNME')                  
     A                                      ALIAS(FIRSTNME)                     
     A            MIDINIT     0001A         COLHDG('MIDINIT')                   
     A                                      ALIAS(MIDINIT)                      
     A            LASTNAME    0015A         COLHDG('LASTNAME')                  
     A                                      ALIAS(LASTNAME)                     
     A            WORKDEPT    0003A         COLHDG('WORKDEPT')                  
     A                                      ALIAS(WORKDEPT)                     
     A            PHONENO     0004A         COLHDG('PHONENO')                   
     A                                      ALIAS(PHONENO)                      
     A            HIREDATE    0010A         COLHDG('HIREDATE')                  
     A                                      ALIAS(HIREDATE)                     
     A            JOB         0008A         COLHDG('JOB')                       
     A                                      ALIAS(JOB)                          
     A            EDLEVEL     0005P00       COLHDG('EDLEVEL')                   
     A                                      ALIAS(EDLEVEL)                      
     A            SEX         0001A         COLHDG('SEX')                       
     A                                      ALIAS(SEX)                          
     A            BIRTHDATE   0010A         COLHDG('BIRTHDATE')                 
     A                                      ALIAS(BIRTHDATE)                    
     A            SALARY      0009P02       COLHDG('SALARY')                    
     A                                      ALIAS(SALARY)                       
     A            BONUS       0009P02       COLHDG('BONUS')                     
     A                                      ALIAS(BONUS)                        
     A            COMM        0009P02       COLHDG('COMM')                      
     A                                      ALIAS(COMM)                         
     A          K EMPNO                                                         

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