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LXI's MMS enhances EMC Symmetrix

iSeries media management completes the information life cycle for EMC Symmetrix


LXI Corp. announced the integration of flagship storage management solution for the IBM iSeries, Media Management System (MMS), with EMC Corp.'s CopyPoint software through the EMC Developers Program.

The integration allows MMS to fully automate the entire backup process for Symmetrix storage systems attached to the IBM iSeries. MMS provides detailed catalog information about data backed up from the Symmetrix, enabling the fast, efficient and specific recovery of lost or damaged objects.

"MMS for the iSeries enhances EMC Symmetrix by introducing fully automated backups, automated tape library management, catalogs of all saved libraries and objects, and sophisticated off-site vault management," said Tim Kormos, product manager at LXI. "Customers can now employ an end-to-end data protection strategy that provides high availability, business continuity and disaster recovery."

About MMS
MMS for the iSeries is a comprehensive family of storage management applications that efficiently preserves, protects and restores data. MMS simplifies, prioritizes and automates backups and backup policies, performs concurrent saves, and automates recovery options. Hierarchical storage management helps ensure storage resources are used efficiently, and spool file management automates the archiving and restoring of spool files, reports and special forms. Because MMS uses no proprietary commands, the integration into the customer environment is seamless.

Hot backups of Lotus Notes/Domino, automated tape consolidation and duplication, device management, and tape library management bring cutting-edge iSeries backup control to the data center. Quick access to saved data, extensive vaulting, and offsite management gives customer confidence in a quick recovery in the event of a disaster. MMS gives managers the flexibility to adapt the solution to a wide range of data protection and recovery requirements.

About the EMC Developers Program
With more than 200 members, including most of the world's largest software companies, the EMC Developers Program is the storage industry's largest open software initiative. The program gives members access to a broad portfolio of development tools, interfaces and supporting resources for EMC's platform application programming interfaces (APIs) and other EMC programming interfaces. These interfaces provide software developers with a consistent mechanism for accessing or managing various elements of a networked storage environment. For further information on the program, visit the EMC web site at

About LXI Corp.
Protecting corporate information infrastructure for more than ten years, LXI is focused on helping businesses manage their overall storage needs, including backup, recovery, tape and vault management, and data replication for high availability. Our professionals are dedicated to providing quality products, customer service, training and professional consulting services to help customers build and manage their information infrastructure most effectively.

With LXI, customers gain the benefit of industry-leading storage management products and services for midrange systems. Partnering with software and hardware industry leaders, including IBM, Sun, Hewlett Packard, Computer Associates, EMC, StorageTek, TD Systems and Maximum Availability, LXI provides the most comprehensive solutions.

To learn more about LXI, visit us at or call 972-444-2323.


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