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January 2003: Month in Review Month in Review

January 2003 [ Go back to The Month in Review main page ]

It was a busy month with lots of news from IBM and nearly 30 tips submitted by members. Didn't catch it all? We have everything right here. Take a look.

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DB2 UDB for iSeries -- V5R2 enhancements

Guest speaker: Doug Mack, DB2 UDB for iSeries Product Marketing, IBM
Click here to download the slides from Doug Mack's presentation.


Lotus' Zollar to replace Duncan as head of iSeries group

iSeries community pins hopes on Zollar

New cost incentives could be iSeries' savior

Company adds encryption to OS/400 zip product

Programmer tips

Code a two-dimensional array easily (Jan. 2, 2003)

Cut and paste RPG code from PC files (Jan. 6, 2003)

Show level checks between libraries (Jan. 7, 2003)

Get a report of large files and total records in a library (Jan. 9, 2003)

Database relations (Jan. 9, 2003)

Yet another SQL program (Jan. 9, 2003)

Add column headings to a CSV file (Jan. 10, 2003)

Working with the ANZKEYF command (Jan. 10, 2003)

Use SQL to SELECT data directly to a CSV file (Jan. 14, 2003)

Database relations and file usage (Jan. 14, 2003)

Copy a file to CSV, with column headings (Jan. 14, 2003)

Better tests for function keys in RPG (Jan. 14, 2003)

Automatically rebuild logical files (Jan. 14, 2003)

Create from the source (Jan. 15, 2003)

Take command of your commands (Jan. 15, 2003)

iSeries' match to CLRSCR function in C language (Jan. 21, 2003)

Let e-RPG do the talking (Jan. 22, 2003)

Retrieve date of birth given age in CLP (Jan. 23, 2003)

Find error messages for a CL command (Jan. 23, 2003)

Finding data in multi-member file (Jan. 24, 2003)

SQL: One SELECT for one or several row, same WHERE (Jan. 30, 2003)

Getting command line on SysReq-3 -- revisited (Jan. 30, 2003)

Power of MONITOR Opcode (Jan. 30, 2003)

Administrator tips

Abbreviated commands save precious time (Jan. 8, 2003)

Who ended the subsystem? (Jan. 9, 2003)

Avoid having to create a new version file (Jan. 9, 2003)

Are you saving everything? (Jan. 14, 2003)

Prolonged IPLs (Jan. 14, 2003)

User options vs. commands (Jan. 14, 2003)

Put dynamic text on your iSeries sign-on screen (Jan. 15, 2003)

Digging deeper into DB2 UDB (Jan. 20, 2003)

Easily convert spool files into PDFs (Jan. 21, 2003)

Use the CHGQRYA command to help lessen interactive workloads (Jan. 22, 2003)

Sort your TCP/IP host table entries by host name (Jan. 24, 2003)

Twinax workstation over fibre/cat5 LAN (Jan. 30, 2003)

Security tips

Secure printed output (Jan. 14, 2003)

WebSphere Strategies

End of a year, start of a new era (Jan. 9, 2003)

Featured topics

Top 10 administrator tips for 2002

Don't lose that data

Storage management for the iSeries

The iSeries doctors are in

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