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New features, products on the horizon

New features, products on the horizon

Jim Mason

What technology will deliver real value for iSeries in 2003?
Some of the same features we already have will keep getting better:
DB2, Java, Java toolkit, Apache Http Server, LPAR, Linux, XML, Eclipse, WebSphere Development Studio Client, WebFacing, PASE, TCP.

Do you agree with these predictions?
Tell us if you think the expert is on target or way off. .mi5mabhHwsR.1@.ee84639/1009>Post comments and your predictions here.

Some new features will add real value:
WebSphere Express, Struts, JDK 1.4

The following IBM technologies will NOT pay off in 2003 for most customers?
Web services, portals, Host publisher

What technology don't we have that would help?
Tomcat (IBM stops shipping this soon!), Cocoon, Jetspeed, UML Modeler

iSeries forecast for 2003:

  • The iSeries will continue to hold its own in the market.
  • We will see that many iSeries customers aren't able to leverage a lot of good technology effectively
  • Customers will buy more services, applications and components to save money
  • A higher number of ISVs will leverage new IBM tools
  • Many other ISVs will stay behind trying to sell proprietary tools

iSeries job market won't grow in 2003
Jobs for iSeries professionals won't grow. But technology changes will force developers to learn new skills. WebFacing, which extends RPG's useful life, will give developers more time to transition to Java. In addition, service opportunities will decrease as IBM Global Services takes a bigger chunk.

What is an iSeries?
In 2003 we'll begin to debate what an iSeries system is exactly. Its hardware is common, LPAR runs multiple OS's, Linux is a native operating system, WebSphere is an OS, Windows runs on IXS.

Jim Mason

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