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Expect growth in J2EE, Java

Expect growth in J2EE, Java

Dwight Beech

I think you will see the iSeries market with a very small growth rate or even flat during 2003.

As great as a performer that the iSeries has been in the past, a lot of competition for the iSeries obviously will continue to be from the Unix/Aix camps. Corporations will move to operating systems such as Unix to be able to tap in to the ever-growing application base.

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WebSphere with the J2EE environment is becoming more popular, with the likes of the large ERP applications utilizing these applications and environments. We will continue to see great growth in J2EE and Java as the alternative to Microsofts .NET world.

In regard to jobs, the switch will be on to bring in more object-oriented programming developers and Java developers as companies continue to move their focal points of their business onto the Internet. Thin (client) is in; Fat (client) is old hat. IT departments within corporations should look more and more at things such as J2EE and Java. They should start developing their people in these areas as the corporate landscape changes and business information becomes strategic. There are far too many companies out there that are entrenched in the green screen RPG environment (even though it works and is stable). They need to start positioning themselves for things like J2EE and Java or their business will suffer in the long run.

One doesn't have to be on the leading (or should I say bleeding) edge. It takes a little forward thinking and some reflecting on the past to see where technology is going. IT business has changed so much where IT use to dictate to the customer the direction to take. Now the customer will dictate to IT where the business should go.

Dwight Beech
Superintendent, application support
Cameco Corp.

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