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Need to take a look at or work with scheduled jobs? The WRKJOBSCDE command is what you need. The tips below show you how some members are using the command to do even more.

  • More hiding places for malicious code
    Security expert Rich Loeber show you how the WRKJOBSCDE can be used to review the current contents of the system job scheduler and track down possible malicious code.
  • Automatically schedule an IPL
    Is it possible to automatically schedule an IPL weekly by using standard OS/400 commands? Site expert John Brandt says yes and shows you how using the WRKJOBSCDE command.
  • Command that disables all inactive accounts
    This member initiated a command that disables all inactive accounts. It worked great except that it run every night, and now he wants to stop it. Security expert Dan Riehl says he can do it using the WRKJOBSCDE command.
  • An easy way of saving the scheduler entries
    Want to save all the scheduler entries WRKJOBSCDE gives you? Investiga Teknoda shows you how.
  • Apply PTFs unattended member Patrick Andrade shows you how to use the WRKJOBSCDE to apply PTFs and not have to wait around to start the PWRDWNSYS command.
  • WRKJOBSCDE gotcha
    Russ Khoury discovered this the hard way -- when manually submitting a scheduled job. Find out what to do to avoid problems when submitting a job immediately.

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