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DSPPTF (Display PTF)

The DSPPTF (Display PTF) command is a favorite in the iSeries (AS/400) community. Find out why.

The OS/400 DSPPTF (Display PTF) command is used to check the status of your PTFs before or after a PTF installation. Take a look at these tips for suggestions for making life with PTFs easier.

  • Utility helps you determine the status of PTFs on your system quickly
    Without the licensed program information, determining if your system has a particular PTF already applied is a real pain in the neck. You usually have to search through the PTFs of several licensed programs to find (or not find as the case may be) a particular PTF. Ron Turull had had enough several years ago, so he created a utility to alleviate the problem.
  • Take the guesswork out of the PTF history
    When things go wrong on an iSeries, one thing you might check is what PTFs were installed recently. Unless you keep a written log of all items installed on your machine or have a REALLY good memory, it's hard to determine exactly when a PTF was installed over the last month or two. This tip from Richard A. Davis can help you figure out exactly what PTFs are installed.
  • Upgrading software? Gather all essential OS/400 information first
    It can be a drag having to gather all the needed OS/400 information when upgrading or buying new software. But the DSPPTF command can make this task easier.
  • Squeezing more information out of DSPPTF
    DSPPTF can also be used to display PTF information for one individual product. However, with so many different OS/400 products and features installed on a typical iSeries system, it can be a real headache paging through every product using LICPGM(*ALL). This tip simplifies the process.

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