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If you want to apply a source change to a physical without having to recompile, then the CHGPF command is what you want. Read how some members are using it.

  • Use CHGPF to change the field length
    How can you use the CHGPF command can be used to change the field length of a field without recompiling the PF? expert Kent Milligan explains.
  • CHGPF versus create new/copy old
    How does CHGPF differ compared to create new/copy old? "Clarky" provides an answer in this discussion forum thread.
  • Using CHGPF to handle file changes with ease
    When the structure of a physical file changes, member Sameer Shukla says most iSeries programmers take the following steps to incorporate the change.
  • Compile physical file without any data loss
    If a physical file has already the valid data and if your vendor/company asks for a new fields introduction to the existing physical file which already has the data, this tip (using the CHGPF command) allows you to still retaining the data and at the same time adding new fields to the existing physical file.
  • More on CHGPF command
    Member Michael Fiorillo says the CHGPF command may also be used to change attributes of a field.

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