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DSPPGM (Display Program)

Learn why the DSPPGM (Display Program) command ranked in the top 10 favorite iSeries (AS/400) commands.

Also coming in tops with members is the DSPPGM (Display Program) command to display the source compiled...

from. Check out these tips to get more use out of it.

  • Why service programs need binding source
    In his review of binding source, Paul Tuohy explains how you can use DSPPGM to view the signatures embedded in a program.
  • Where's the source?
    You are a new programmer or consultant and you are assigned a seemingly simple change to an existing program. With your skills it will be a piece of cake. What is the first thing you do? You have to find the source. Not always easy. Member Jeff Worthington has a couple techniques using DSPPGM and DSPFD.
  • Display program information with two simple commands
    As programmers, you are constantly modifying programs, isolating "product" source files, or just trying to estimate the number of objects affected by a modification. There are two commands that can assist you in these tasks. One of those is DSPPGM.
  • Find the correct source file for your programs member Azmat Bhatti uses the DSPPGM to resolve this common problem.
  • How do I know the Source file information for a RPG IV program?
    Member Sudhakar Kunji offers his own method for finding the source.
  • Reduce static storage
    Member Nick Hobson says the DSPPGM and DSPMOD commands may be used to determine the amount of static storage required by a program or module.

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