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Code for ebtnow1.jsp

Code for ebtnow1.jsp

Copy the text below beginning with <html> and ending with </html> and save it as a text file.

<head><title>ebtnow1 JSP</title></head>
<h1>ebt-now Simple JSP page</h1>
<B>This simple JSP can test a Java Web application server setup for:</B>
<LI>an application configuration ( this jsp is deployed in an app)
<LI>the JSP compiler for the server
<LI>the Java runtime compiler for the server
<LI>the invocation of a servlet by name
<LI>the execution of a servlet
<A href=""><B>ebt-now QuickWeb Solutions for iSeries</B></A>
The fastest way to put your applications and data on the Web ...
QuickWeb Solutions "WebReady" Advantages</UL>
<LI>YOUR existing applications and data generated as custom Java Web applications
<LI>Fast - QuickWebFactory offers fast project cycle times
<LI>Low cost - Less expensive than in-house development!
<LI>Low risk - QuickWebAssessment for flat fee guarantees sample 5250 WebReady running on the Web!
<LI>WebReady - better look and feel, user input controls, imaging, navigation etc than basic WebFaced applications
<LI>Complete - QuickWebQuery reports, QuickWebForms for data updates, QuickWebProcedures to call batch pgms, QuickWebMenus, QuickWebAuthentication
<LI>Easy - send us your source, select your customization options, we send you your apps!
<A href=""><B>Visit the Web site for more solutions</B></A>
<A href=""><B>or email Jim Mason at ebt-now</B></A>

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