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Quick Takes: Help is on the way

Help/Systems announces Remedy help desk interface and Linoma releases iSeries legacy app tool.

Help/Systems announces Remedy help desk interface

Help/Systems, Minnetonka, Minn., developer of the Robot Automated Operations Solution for iSeries systems, announces an interface that allows Remedy Help Desk users to escalate any iSeries event or message to a Help Desk support team. GE Capital IT Solutions has created the interface to Remedy Help Desk, an automated system that handles critical problem management and resolution functions. The interface is available for use with Robot/CONSOLE, Help/Systems' iSeries message management software, and Robot/NETWORK, Help/Systems' free iSeries network management package. The interface uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).


Remedy Corp.

Linoma releases iSeries legacy app tool

Linoma Logic,Omaha, Neb, released a new iSeries legacy application revitalization product dubbed Envoy. Envoy is designed to adapt legacy iSeries applications to a browser interface while continuing to use existing development skills. Envoy offers three distinct benefits: an unaltered development process, full 5250-like browser support, and no interactive requirements, the company said.

A major advantage that Envoy offers is that application development within organizations need not be altered. Envoy's approach to application revitalization is a change from the typical long learning curves for new technology and proprietary development environments. Within mere weeks, entire systems can be converted with Envoy and run with little or no new skill requirements.

Envoy uses a client-server implementation that has no interactive requirement. The implementation is provided at the source code level ensuring compatibility across releases of OS/400.

Linoma Logic

SEAGULL announces support for WebSphere MQSeries in Transidiom

Atlanta-based SEAGULL, announced the incorporation of extensive support for MQSeries in its Transidiom software solution, which generates XML, SOAP, Java and COM interfaces to mainframe and iSeries legacy application functions. The new MQSeries Communication Manager feature of SEAGULL's Transidiom application integration server provides non-proprietary adapters to mainframe and iSeries applications, connecting legacy systems to the MQSeries infrastructure while requiring no modifications to those systems. The combination of MQSeries messaging and Transidiom legacy integration reduces the time, cost and risk associated with host application integration initiatives.

MQSeries, which is part of the IBM WebSphere family, is designed to allow organizations to integrate disparate packets of information across heterogeneous platforms, assuring on-time delivery of prioritized messages and confirmation of delivery upon request. MQSeries is regarded as the industry's leading Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), guaranteeing delivery of message descriptors and application data via the MQSeries messaging infrastructure.


BCD releases new version of File-Flash Plus

Business Computer Design International, Inc. (BCD), Chicago, Ill. has released a completely rewritten version of its popular full function file editor, File-Flash Plus, making it a far more powerful and flexible productivity tool for developers, the company said.

File-Flash Plus is an online file editor that enables programmers to quickly display, edit, update data in iSeries - AS/400 database files making them more productive. With this new version File-Flash Plus includes a multitude of features and functions that make it significantly faster, easier and more versatile to use than Data File Utility (DFU).

In version 4.0, some of File-Flash Plus' many new features and enhancements include a formatted spreadsheet style layout now offers 132-column display support, greatly increasing data visibility, over the 80 column display in the prior release.

The tool's l interface to the open query file command (OPNQRYF) has been enhanced to run dynamically. Now OPNQRYF displays a page of records while it's building developer-initiated queries. Previously, if developers ran OPNQRYF, it would query the entire file and bring back the entire subset before it showed them a page of records. The OPNQRYF can be toggled on or off, eliminating the need to re-run the OPNQRYF. Also, if a file is keyed, OPNQRYF now orders the list by that key structure.

BCD Software

H. A. Technical Solutions to support Linux on iSeries

H.A. Technical Solutions (HATS), Minneapolis, Minn. provider of high availability software solutions for OEM and enterprise markets, announced that its H.A. Clusters High Availability Clustering Software and H.A. EchoStream Data Replication Software are now available for the Linux operating system running on iSeries integrated servers.

HATS has scheduled its clustering and data replication software for the IBM eServer xSeries and zSeries servers running Linux for February release, making it one of the first companies to support the entire IBM eServer product line for Linux.

H.A. Technical Solutions

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