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Quick Takes: Updates abound

Among the items in this installment of search400 Quick Takes: iSeries-related announcements from: Ascent Solutions, IBS, WorksRight Software, Aldon, ASNA and Better On-line Solutions.

Asi's PKZIP OS/400 5.0 reduces file size up to 90%

Ascent Solutions Inc. (ASi) announces the release of PKZIP OS/400 version 5.0, a multi-platform data compression solution for the iSeries. PKZIP OS/400 5.0 can achieve reductions of up to 90% in the size of your files. When used as a pre-transfer utility, PKZIP OS/400 5.0 can proportionally reduce the amount of time dedicated to data transfer between one system to another and with PKZIP's cross-platform compatibility from one platform to another.

Ascent Solutions

IBS software on iSeries handles 2.9 million orders in hour

IBS has announced record-breaking transaction figures in a benchmark of its software running on IBM eServer iSeries. In the benchmark, 2.9 million complete sales orders were entered into the system in one hour. The average response time was 0.04 seconds. The test was performed in the IBM Rochester laboratory, on the iSeries model 840. These figures are higher than any other business enterprise or ERP software vendor has previously been able to show.


WorksRight iSeries postal coding software recertified by the USPS

WorksRight Software announces that its iSeries and AS/400 postal coding software product, PER/ZIP4, has been recertified by the US Postal Service for Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) processing. In addition, when used in conjunction with the PER/SORT, mailing presort software, PER/ZIP4 has been certified for LOT (Line Of Travel) processing. PER/ZIP4 matches mailing addresses to the national ZIP+4 database. Matched addresses are formatted to postal standards and ZIP+4 and delivery point codes are added. As a result of this process, mailing files can be used as part of the qualification effort for significant postage discounts.

WorksRight Software

Aldon, ASNA partnership provides e-business tools

Aldon Computer Group and ASNA Incorporated have partnered to provide iSeries 400 programmers with the industry?s most comprehensive set of tools for developing high-quality e-business applications. ASNA Visual RPG (AVR) and Aldon Affiniti now work together to help companies meet the challenges and demands required of successful e-business strategies.



BOS updates Jadvantage Web-to-host emulator

Better On-line Solutions (BOS) announced a new Version of its enterprise-wide, centrally managed Jadvantage software, which provides AS/400 and iSeries 400 users on PCs using a Web browser, with TN5250e emulation and GUI support, SCS printing, and SQL Data Transfer Functions. The new version includes an update utility for quick and simple server-based modifications, a picture viewer function which displays a graphic file for associated screen text, font size control for improved legibility of screen fonts in legacy mode, and support for Windows XP.

Better On-line Solutions

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