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Quick Takes: Partnership, expansions and fibre channel

Bostech announces integration partnership with Syntegra; and Brocade first SAN infrastructure qualified for iSeries; and MAPICS offers maintenance and calibration management for iSeries.

Bostech announces integration partnership with Syntegra

Bostech Corp. , Indianapolis, Ind. announced an integration partnership with Syntegra, a global consulting and systems integration company. The two companies have signed a multi-year agreement, allowing Syntegra to immediately sell, implement and incorporate Bostech products into the systems integration solutions that Syntegra offers customers in the manufacturing market.

Syntegra anticipates implementing Bostech's comprehensive, pre-built eCommerce platform, PalletBuilder, to get companies up and running online within a 30 to 60 day timeframe. The PalletBuilder sell-side application includes a user-friendly interface, an EAI engine and the integration adaptors and connectors necessary to unify a company's back office systems with its supply chain to sell products online and automate business processes.

Syntegra also plans to use Bostech's ChainBuilder family of products to help mid-sized companies improve collaboration with their back-office systems. Bostech's integration adaptors and its ChainBuilder Library of Intelligent Native Code (LINC) Series of connectors for leading mid-size ERP and back-office systems, such as J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware and AS/400, allow Syntegra to leverage a customer's existing infrastructure and current systems.

Bostech Corp.


Bostech announces enterprise application integration and e-commerce products for mid-sized companies

Bostech Corp., Indianapolis, Ind. announced the availability of a suite of software products that extends the benefits of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and e-commerce to mid-sized corporations. With these products, Bostech becomes the first to offer Global 2000 EAI functionality, previously unobtainable for mid-sized companies due to cost and complexity. Bostech's software and tools enable companies to improve business efficiencies, leverage existing technology investments and strengthen customer relations by integrating and extending existing systems and data for collaboration across an enterprise and throughout the supply chain.

Bostech Corp.

Brocade first SAN infrastructure qualified for iSeries

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. , San Jose, Calif. announced that IBM has qualified Brocade SilkWorm fabric switches as interoperable with IBM eServer iSeries systems. In addition to internal IBM systems, IBM eServer iSeries customers can now participate in a heterogeneous SAN environment and gain the benefits of networking storage, the company said. Brocade SilkWorm fabric switches are also qualified with IBM products including, servers, tape products, disk products, and software, and IBM makes available Brocade SilkWorm 2010, 2040, 2400, and 2800 fabric switches as the networking foundation for IBM SAN solutions.

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

MAPICS offers maintenance and calibration management for iSeries

MAPICS, Inc., Atlanta, Ga. introduced a new edition of MAPICS Maintenance and Calibration Management application, fully optimized for the IBM iSeries. With this edition, MAPICS delivers critical maintenance management functionality to its iSeries ERP customers. By using MAPICS Maintenance and Calibration Management, manufacturers can cut production downtime costs and increase equipment-operating time, the company said. The product's cost savings have added to MAPICS' customers' bottom lines by providing operational efficiency and increasing available capacity.


ACOM Solutions iSeries/400 Division expands, takes aggressive growth stance

The iSeries/400 Division of ACOM Solutions Inc., Atlanta, Ga., developer/marketer of the EZPrint/400 electronic form, check and label solution, has expanded its international marketing scope to include Scandinavia and Italy, and it continues to add resellers in countries where EZPrint/400 was already available.

Since 1996, the company has founded European representation in England, Netherlands-Benelux, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia and Russia, as well as in Australia and New Zealand, Mexico and Central America, and several South American nations. Most of these countries or regions were represented at the division's annual International Reseller Conference held recently in Atlanta.

ACOM Solutions Inc.

Emulex fibre channel adapters selected for new IBM eServer storage solutions

Emulex Corp., Costa Mesa, Calif. announced that IBM has selected a customized version of the Emulex LightPulse LP9002 HBA to provide the fibre channel storage connectivity for IBM's iSeries systems.

The Emulex 66MHz PCI LP9002 provides the sophisticated feature set to enable seamless migration to the latest 2Gb/s Fibre Channel SANs, while maintaining full backwards compatibility and interoperability with legacy 1Gb/s installations. The LP9002 is also fully compatible with drivers and software written for its market-leading LP8000 and LP7000E host bus adapters. With support for complex features such as full-duplex transfers, firmware upgradeability, and hardware context cache, the LP9002 is ideal for enterprise SANs requiring high performance, scalability and ease of management.

Emulex Corp.

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