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Quick Takes: Power play

PowerTech opens a European support centre


To support continuing expansion in Europe, PowerTech has established a new European Support Centre. Customer demand for its PowerLock NetworkSecurity and PowerLock SecurityAudit products has grown steadily since PowerTech began operations in Europe in May 2000, and to support its customers, prospects, and business partners through evaluation, testing, installation, and use, PowerTech has opened an office in London. Benefits of the new center to customers include more timely support, on-site assistance for product installation and configuration, full-spectrum AS/400 and iSeries 400 security consulting services, and neutral third-party security audit, the company said. The European support centre will be staffed by top security experts with extensive experience in providing professional services in audit and security for the iSeries and AS/400 platforms.


ROI reverse merger into UniComp will not close

Return On Investment (ROI) Corp. Kennesaw, G.A. and Marietta, G.A.-based UniComp announced that, although the reverse merger of ROI into UniComp will not close, the companies continue to discuss alternate approaches. According to ROI CEO Charles Pecchio, the company's focus is to build its leadership postion into two markets -- merchant and financial software and IBM midrange software. ROI was attracted to UniComp because of UniComp's market position in the IBM midrange software space and its credit card software and transaction processing capabilities, he said. Stephen Hafer, UniComp president and CEO, said, he believes that his company should pursue some combination of UniComp's and ROI's technologies and customers and said the would continue to work together to determine the best approach to accomplishing this goal.


ACOM consolidates business back office product family

ACOM Solutions Inc., Long Beach, Calif., a developer and marketer of QuickCheck payment solutions and Paragon EDI/XML solutions for the Windows NT operating environment and EZPrint/400 solutions for the iSeries 400 environment, has consolidated the branding of its entire family of business back office products within the "EZ" identity concept, with descriptive suffixes completing each product name.

The "EZ" brand was acquired three years ago with the purchase of the developer and marketer of EZPrint/400 electronic forms software that now comprises the company's iSeries 400 division, based in Atlanta. ACOM's Financial Documents Division, which develops and markets MICRPro customer check order fulfillment and associated systems to community banks and credit unions, will continue to operate under its own well-established brand identity, the company said.

ACOM Solutions Inc.

DSI to partner with iSeries software management provider

DSI (Data Systems International, Inc.) announced it will partner with The Performance Consortium (TPC), a company that provides software and services to help customers analyze, optimize and manage their IBM(R) iSeries enterprise business systems. This new partnership came about through TPC's and DSI's mutual relationship with Support Net, a leading distributor of IBM midrange products.

Based on quick cycle performance management, TPC delivers Information Technology investment returns to IT professionals. Initially targeting the new IBM iSeries, TPC provides end-to-end performance management, including application analysis, workload optimization, hardware performance management, modeling and capacity planning.

Data Systems International, Inc.

Serena Software to support WebSphere

Serena Software Inc., a supplier of software that automates change to enterprise code and content, announced its Serena ChangeMan DS (Distributed Systems) product will support IBM's WebSphere Studio Workbench. Leveraging WebSphere Studio Workbench, Serena provides a developer environment that improves productivity, and the use of Serena's Software Change Management solutions will help businesses reduce time to market, improve software quality and reliability and reduce development costs, the company said. Serena ChangeMan DS gives organizations a proven solution to manage the rapid changes involved in building, deploying and maintaining software applications across multiple platforms to improve software quality, accelerate time to market and secure eBusiness success. The product provides enhanced native support on all major platforms including Windows (95, 98, NT, 2000), UNIX (HP UX, Sun Solaris, Sun OS, IBM, AIX, OS/390 USS and Linux), MPE/iX and OS/400, allowing customers to manage the software development process from a single point of control.

Serena Software Inc..

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