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Quick Takes: Data dynamics

IBM adopts Tandberg standard backup technology for midmarket servers

Tandberg Data announced that IBM will begin shipping the SLR100 tape drive and SLR100 Autoloader, compatible with the iSeries servers and other midmarket systems. It is available for IBM eServer models i270, i820, i830 and i840, and is compatible with OS/400 V5R1. SLR100 provides installed base of IBM eServer iSeries and AS/400 customers an economical migration path to higher capacity and transfer rates, as well as backward compatibility to previous QIC formats (SLR5, MLR1 and MLR3 cartridges).

IBM Corp.

Tandberg Data

Vision Solutions adds support for OS/400 V5R1

Vision Solutions, an information availability management company and an IBM business partner, announced it plans to support IBM's new OS/400 V5R1 with the release of a new version of its Vision Suite OMS/400 V7.5 - in early fourth quarter 2001. Vision Suite OMS/400 V7.5 will complement V5R1, giving customers increased ease-of-use and functionality on IBM's eServer iSeries.

Vision Solutions

Kronos accommodates mobile with PDA support

In a move that will further simplify labor data collection for remote workers, Kronos Inc. introduced support for personal digital assistants (PDAs). Kronos iSeries MobileTime is designed to provide Kronos customers with one more option for capturing valuable labor data from employees. Kronos iSeries MobileTime, which is currently available, is designed for use with the Kronos iSeries Central suite of frontline labor management products. Using Kronos iSeries MobileTime, employees or supervisors can wirelessly access the Kronos application via a PDA device that supports the Palm OS platform. Kronos iSeries MobileTime also includes workflow technology capable of proactively alerting frontline managers of potential issues that may require immediate attention.

Kronos Inc.

Proginet intros password management security for IBM AS/400s


Proginet Corp., a password management software and Internet file transfer software, has introduced SecurPass-AS/400 software featuring bi-directional, multi-platform, centralized password management for IBM AS/400 servers. SecurPass-AS/400 enables enterprises with multiple AS/400s to have one password across all AS/400s. The return on investment for SecurPass-AS/400 can be realized in a matter of months, reducing corporate help desk calls by 75% and saving over $100,000 a year for a typical company with 5,000 employees, according to the company. Proginet Corp.

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