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V5R1 set for April 23 announce date

This article is provided courtesy of The 400 Group's Insider Weekly for AS/400-iSeries Managers .

V5R1 will be announced on Monday, April 23, with general availability slated for May 25, the Insider Weekly for AS/400-iSeries Managers has exclusively learned from IBM business partners.

Major V5R1 highlights:

LPAR -- V5R1 features Dynamic Logical Partitioning, which allows iSeries shops to perform dynamic resource allocation, such as moving resources from partition to partition without requiring an IPL. Also, you can partition a single processor into 4 partitions and support up to 32 partitions on the top-of-the-line Model 840s.

S-Star Processor Technology -- V5R1 features this third generation of copper and Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology, resulting in a 20% increase in performance and up to 32 GB of memory (see hardware section).

Linux -- Linux will be available across the V5R1 platform, and the kernel should be available for distribution in the second part of this year.

Operations Navigator -- With V5R1, OpsNav offers a new GUI interface, with 90% of typical function supported in a graphical environment and twice the amount of graphical interface capability of all prior releases combined.

High-speed Link and Opticonnect -- With V5R1, system-to-system connectivity is available using OptiConnect over HSL. In addition, switch-disk technology is introduced, allowing for immediate switchover if failure occurs between two systems.

Major V5R1 hardware highlights:

Model 840 -- This high-end model has jumped from 24-way to 32-way and uses S-Star technology. Capacity Upgrade on Demand will also be refreshed.

Model 830 -- This model is not refreshed with V5R1, but it will get up to 64 GB of memory. The Model 830 will remain using I-Star technology, not the new S-Star processor.

Model 820 -- There are 4 new processor points, all powered by S-Star technology. Older Model 820s will still be marketed. The entry-point Model 820 #2395 will not support Linux.

Model 270 -- The Model 270s will include support for LPAR technology for the first time and will have 3 new S-Star processor points. The Model 270 #2248 will not support Linux.

Model 250 -- There are no changes made to the Model 250, and it will remain a marketed part of the product line.

Dedicated Server for Domino (DSD) -- With V5R1, these boxes are integrated more tightly to allow Java and WebSphere applications to run with Domino and create a more flexible Web environment. All DSD models will use S-Star technology.

Additional enhancements include the external xSeries Server for iSeries, new RAID controllers, a rewritable DVD RAM, attachable tape controllers for both disk and tape drives, and more rack-mounted options.

For more exclusive V5R1 details, read the April 23 issue of Insider Weekly for AS/400-iSeries Managers.

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