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Quick Takes: Tools for IBM iSeries and AS/400

Tools for IBM iSeries and AS/400.

Free Linux graphical tools for IBM iSeries and AS/400 released

Linux users can now graphically work with iSeries and AS/400 using Surveyor/400 from Linoma Software. With Surveyor/400, Linux users can visually work with iSeries 400 database files, edit records, run SQL, create and alter database file definitions, FTP, download and upload data, retrieve DDS & DDL source code from table definitions, view comprehensive object information and work with IFS folders and files. A full-featured 5250 emulator is also included in Surveyor/400.

Surveyor/400 includes a built-in JVM for Linux and connects to iSeries or AS/400 using TCP/IP. It can be downloaded from Linoma Software's web site at or by calling toll-free at 1-800-949-4696. Using Surveyor/400's installation wizard, a Linux user can generally be up-and-running with Surveyor/400 in just a couple minutes.

Surveyor/400 is FREE for one concurrent user of each iSeries or AS/400 in an organization. Pricing for unlimited user access is tier-priced ranging from $495 to $1995.

Linoma Software

Barr Systems debuts RJE print management solution

Barr Systems, Inc., Gainesville, Fla., announced that its Remote Job Entry (RJE) solution for the Barr Enterprise Print Server is soon to be available for Beta testing. The new BARR/RJE product communicates with the mainframe by emulating an IBM 3770, using the standard communications protocol for batch transmission in an IBM Systems Network Architecture (SNA) environment.

The Barr Enterprise Print Server is a PC-based enterprise output management system designed to receive data from multiple sources (e.g., mainframes, AS/400s, TCP/IP hosts, network users) and distribute data to multiple destinations (e.g., printers, report distribution systems, and electronic storage). As an optional software module to the Print Server, BARR/RJE gives access to large host computers or mainframes with powerful computer languages, large databases, and increased computational capacities from a desktop PC.

The new RJE solution facilitates enterprise output management by connecting to mainframes in a variety of ways. It can connect to the host via ESCON, Bus & Tag, Synchronous Port (SDLC), Token Ring or Ethernet. Companies currently using Barr's popular DOS-based RJE product will be able to easily upgrade to the Windows-based solution.

Barr Systems, Inc.

Denison, Texas chooses New World Systems to automate city departments

New World Systems , a provider of enterprise-wide software solutions announced that Denison, Texas signed two contracts totaling $232,650 to license their Aegis Public Safety software and Logos Public Administration software on the iSeries 400 platform.

New World will provide the city of Denison with a fully integrated public safety software package, including Aegis Multi-jurisdictional Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Law Enforcement Records, Fire Records, Courts Management, Data Analysis and Mapping, Imaging and many optional modules.

New World Systems

MAPICS Expects 2Q earnings meet estimates

Based on preliminary results, MAPICS, Inc., a provider of enterprise applications on the AS/400 platform, expects to report earnings for its second fiscal quarter in line with the published analyst estimate, although the slowing economy is delaying companies' decisions to invest in enterprise application solutions. This expectation is included in comments that William J. Gilmour, chief financial officer, will present at the AeA Micro Cap Financial Conference later today in Monterey, Calif.


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