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Key enhancements buggy in V5R1

This article is provided courtesy of The 400 Group's Insider Weekly.

While the V5R1 announcement date seems to be set in stone, key enhancements such as the database and Operations Navigator are not.

"This is not only the biggest, but also the buggiest, release in the RISC days. But, when you have a tremendous amount of function, you inherently get stability problems," says an Insider source.

V5R1 testers experience periodic failures with management tools

Numerous early V5R1 test customers have said that there are intermittent failures and variable stability in the new OS/400 release, slated to be announced later this month.

"Something works one day and not the next. If it doesn't stabilize by General Availability, most likely Memorial Day, then customers may choose not to install it," says one early tester.

Some areas reported to have bugs are: the database, Operations Navigator, and the LAN console, which is a new feature that will not become a realistic product until V5R2, reveals an Insider source.

"The database problems are well in hand, but the OpsNav bugs are not. This is critical for Rochester and they are overwhelmed," says the source.

Warning: Although still in beta, shops should hesitate before immediately upgrading to V5R1 unless there is a pressing business reason that is not available in V4R5, such as flexible Logical Partitioning, independent ASPs, and enhanced printing capabilities, advises an Insider source.

"Rochester is starting to get the idea that they have more bugs than normal," reveals one tester.

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