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Quick Takes: Taking it to the bank

Computer Generated Solutions acquires Garpac

AS/400 product vendorComputer Generated Solutions, Inc. has announced the acquisition of Garpac Corporation. Garpac is a New York-based developer and provider of enterprise-wide software solutions to the sewn products industry, serving both small and large businesses. The deal was finalized last Friday. Garpac's products include the G/4 Enterprise (a UNIX-based enterprise-wide application), G/400 (supply chain management system running on the IBM AS/400 platform). Computer Generated Solutions, Inc.

Teklogix goes to the bank

Psion Teklogix, a global provider of wireless and internet-based mobile transaction systems and services, today announced the first installation of its new TEKConsole(TM) radio-frequency (RF) communications engine at Volvo Motor Graders, Ltd. of Ontario, Canada. Volvo Motor Graders needed to quickly integrate an RF solution that would receive materials and move goods within their SAP R/3 solutions running on an AS/400 host. Psion Teklogix implemented its TEKConsole solution to transparently link Volvo's mobile workforce via hand-held and vehicle mounted terminals to the SAP RF Warehouse Management function. TEKConsole is available now and entry-level priced at only US$1999.

Psion Teklogix

BABY goes to Frontier

California Software Corp. this week announced that Frontier Insurance has deployment its BABY/GUI and as their graphical and Web-enablement tools. Frontier will use California's product to make customized Web presentations for AS/400-based applications. Remote offices of the company will be linked via the Web for faster responses and information sharing.

California Software Corp.

ASG Web-enables AS/400 output

Allen Systems Group, Inc., a software and services provider to Global-5000 companies, today announced the release of ASG-Report.Web, version 2.7. ASG-Report.Web -- a Web-based report and document distribution solution -- allows clients to Web-enable output coming from systems including the AS/400 or ERP-Based Systems. Resulting reports can be accessed through corporate intranets, extranets and the Internet. Version 2.7 offers ASG-Report.Web uses XML for enhanced report viewing and data exchange for e-business. Reports can be mined and re-published in .xrf format allowing them to be viewed by desktop applications.

Allen Systems Group, Inc.

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