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Quick Takes: Oh, baby!

Califorinia Software and IBM cut reseller contract

California Software Corp., developer of the BABY, Unibol and MLPS product lines, announced it has negotiated a reseller contract with IBM. IBM will be demonstrating California Software's MLPS product, which will also feature BABY/GUI and at the IBM Partnerworld show in Atlanta this month. MLPS was one of the first tested products at IBM's Rochester, Minn. laboratory in conjunction with the latest cluster-proven technology.

California Software Corp.

Konica unveils "back office" printing solution

Konica Business Technologies, Inc., introduced the Konica FORCE 75 Production Printing System, the powerful digital printing solution, designed to support a wide range of printing applications from "back office" datacenter environments to distributed departmental settings. The FORCE 75 becomes even more powerful with the use of new network cards called NetFusion Interface Cards. The Konica NetFusion Cards provide full connectivity and compatibility for networks such as Ethernet, Token Ring and for direct AS/400 Twinax attachment.

. Konica Business Technologies, Inc.

EXE will now support iSeries

EXE Technologies, Inc. announced support for the IBM eServer iSeries, completing its certification of EXE's EXceed warehouse management system for the entire IBM eServer line. Expanding on EXE's strategic relationship with IBM, both companies will now market and sell EXceed on all IBM eServer systems, including the zSeries, pSeries and the xSeries. EXceed 400i is a functionally rich, fully integrated software application that enables enterprise-wide control over the flow of inventory.

EXE Technologies, Inc.

HiT middeware for OS/400 released

HiT Software recently announced new versions of its HiT OLEDB and ODBC DB2 middleware server products with a number of enhancements including monitoring of remote Windows server middleware activity including connection pooling. With the new HiT OLEDB and ODBC middleware servers, developers and administrators can now monitor the DB2 middleware access layer to ensure maximum Windows server application performance. HiT OLEDB Server and HiT ODBC Server versions are available for DB2 UDB on its supported platforms as well as an OS/400 specific version. The new HiT OLEDB Server and HiT ODBC Server versions will be available in the first quarter of 2001 and license fees begin at $995.

HiT Software

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