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Editor's forecast: New identity breathes life into AS/400

From the outside looking in, things are pretty quiet for the old midrange system. Whoops! Did I say old? That's right, this isn't your father's AS/400 anymore. With new names, new technology and a new strategic focus, could things be looking any better for the iSeries, a.k.a. AS/400? IBM has just committed $1 billion to Linux. I guess it's safe to say that we're going to see more applications for Linux and maybe on models other than the 800 series. Despite some pundits who swear IBM is barking up the wrong tree if it thinks it's going to make the iSeries a true contender in the e-business arena, it's something to watch out for. One of biggest trends for the iSeries 400 -- and its users -- involves becoming a bigger player in the e-business game, as is evident by the rebranding of its servers. When you think of e-business, IBM wants you to think of its eServers -- or even its e-business solutions. For iSeries users that means learning new tools and technologies, such as Web development tools and object-oriented technologies, and we know everybody's hot on learning new technologies. You're going to have to beef up your skills if you want to move forward and not be left behind.

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